How To Step Into Becoming Your Future Self

Aug 13, 2020

If you’re feeling stuck in your current situation, then there is one way that you can pull yourself out of that feeling.  That is, to think about the future you want to create.  More specifically, envision the person you have become in the future.  This is the future version of yourself that you were born to be on this planet.  Your future self is living life to the fullest without any regrets.  It’s who you are meant to be.  Here are five ways on how to step into becoming your future self.



Everything begins with your thoughts.  It’s time to let go of the negative thinking and focus on positive thoughts about your future.  Think about what thoughts your future self would have.  Imagine what exactly you would be thinking about in the future.  Currently, you might be concerned with little mundane worries that are consuming your thoughts right now.  However, your future self may have bigger thoughts...

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Four Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Success

Aug 06, 2020

If you haven’t achieved the level of success you want in life, then there is something holding you back.  This usually boils down to a few limiting beliefs that you’ve formed in your mind.  These limiting beliefs are preventing you from achieving your goals and living your dream life.  In order to overcome your limiting beliefs, you first have to recognize what they are.  Address these four limiting beliefs holding you back from success so that you can start achieving your goals and live your dream life.



The first limiting belief is that you have to feel motivated in order to take action on your goals.  That belief just isn’t realistic.  It can be difficult to find the motivation to do tasks related to achieving your goals.  Especially when these tasks are hard.  It’s much easier to procrastinate and push challenging tasks off until later.  But, that doesn’t get you any closer to your...

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What Jealousy Is Trying To Tell You

Jul 30, 2020

Jealousy is a negative feeling.  You don’t like to feel jealous and often kick yourself for feeling that way.  But, jealousy is a feeling that’s signaling to you that something is off.  You can either choose to ignore it, push down those feelings, and continue to feel badly for being jealous or you can find the root cause behind your jealousy.  There is an underlying reason behind your jealousy.  Here are five steps to discover what jealousy is trying to tell you.



The first step is to start by identifying what or who you’re jealous of.  Think about why this specific situation makes you feel jealous.  It could be that someone else has achieved a big goal that you’ve always wanted to obtain.  You could be wondering, why everyone else seems to have all the luck.  These thoughts are stemming from a place of lack, that you don’t have what the other person has in their life.  Begin to identify...

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How To Stop Feeling Jealous Of Someone Else’s Success

Jul 23, 2020

Comparing yourself to others can wreak serious havoc on your mindset.  You see others success and wonder why you don’t have the same in your life.  You want what they have.  This stems from a mindset of lack rather than abundance.  Essentially, it’s also a form of jealously.  When negativity is brewing in your head, you need to learn to refocus your energy and get yourself out of that jealous funk.  Here are four steps on how to stop feeling jealous of someone else’s success.


Success Is Abundant

When you see someone else has received a promotion or good fortune, know that was meant for them in that moment.  It can be hard, but celebrate their success.  You may feel a twinge of jealousy but realize that this is proof and evidence that the same, if not greater success, is possible for you too.  Come from a place of abundance where you believe there is more to go around.  Your time will come.  It’s...

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Three Areas You Can Control In Your Life

Jul 16, 2020

Life is unpredictable.  You often don’t know what’s coming next.  You may have planned out your entire week but many times things come up that force you to change your plans.  It’s important not to get upset when things happen that are out of your control.  You must stop spending so much time trying to control the things you can’t and start focusing on controlling the things you can.  Here are three areas you can control in your life.



You can’t control the events that happen to you but you can control your thoughts about them.  Your interpretation of an event is the first step.  It starts with one simple thought.  It could be a positive thought or a negative thought.  Either way, your thoughts are often determined by a previous experience in a similar situation.  It’s essential that you notice what thoughts you’re having.  Especially if they are negative thoughts. ...

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How To Protect Your Positive State

Jul 09, 2020

Sometimes you’re having a good day and then something happens that changes your state of mind in an instant.  It may even begin the moment you get out bed.  In the morning, you wake up to an angry alarm clock, stub your toe on the way to brush your teeth, and get stuck in traffic that makes you late for an appointment.  You can probably feel the frustration and stress from that example.  That’s why it’s so important to learn how to protect your positive state so that you don’t let negativity take over the rest of your day.



The first step in protecting your positive state is to get back to fun.  Do things that are pure joy for you.  This could be painting, going for a bike ride, hiking in nature, dancing, singing, or reading.  Catch up with friends who make you giggle so hard that your cheeks hurt and cause tears to stream down your face from your uncontrollable laughter.  Make fun memories and step outside...

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Six Tips To Quiet Fear And Regain Your Confidence

Jul 02, 2020

You have an inner voice that either remains quietly in the background or speaks up and takes over your thoughts.  The slow paced, quiet voice is one of reason.  The fast paced, loud voice is fear talking.  When fear starts shouting it’s hard not to listen.  Your confidence dwindles as the negative thoughts swarm in your mind.  It’s imperative to recognize when fear has taken control and begins to make decisions on your behalf.  Use these six tips to quiet fear and regain your confidence.


1. Music

The first tip in getting yourself out of a fearful funk is to put on a good playlist.  Play happy music that you can sing along to.  These tunes could be some of your favorite childhood hits that you’ve memorized all the lyrics to.  You know these songs backwards, forwards, and can confidently belt out all the word.  Shift your mindset away from fear by listening to familiar, upbeat music.


2. Move

Next, get up...

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How To Know If You Have Set The Right Goal

Jun 25, 2020

Each time you set a goal you may be wondering if this is the right goal for you.  You don’t want to set the wrong goal and waste your time.  Use the following five steps to assess if you’ve set the right goal.


1. Easy

Don’t set a goal that feels easy.  If you know you can effortlessly achieve the goal then that’s not the right goal.  One process you may want to incorporate is to set three goals.  Start with the easy goal, next pick a middle of the road goal, and then dream big with the impossible goal.  This will keep you from feeling disappointed if you only end up reaching your middle goal.  But, it will also push you to work hard because you’re trying to reach your impossible goal.  Try this new approach the next time you set a goal and see how it works for you.


2. Challenging

Make sure your goal is challenging.  This means your goal needs to require a little extra effort.  You should...

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Six Steps To Track Your Goal Progress

Jun 18, 2020

You’ve set some big goals for yourself.  It’s time to take an assessment of your progress toward reaching them.  Utilize this six step process to track your goal progress so that you can make sure you achieve the goals that you’ve set.


1. Write Down Your Goals

The first step is to get clear on what your goals are.  Write down what exactly it is that you want to accomplish.  This will allow you to identify what you need to be working on.  You are more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down.


2. Figure Out Where You Are

The next step is to figure out where you are.  Take a look at how much progress you’ve already made to achieve your goals.  Write down what action steps you’ve been taking.  Now, don’t judge yourself.  If you realize you haven’t been taking action toward reaching your goals, don’t be too hard on yourself.  That’s why you’re doing...

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Three Foundational Steps To Massive Success

Jun 11, 2020

You need a few foundational steps to help you successfully achieve your goals and live your dream life.  These foundational steps to success are cyclical.  It’s a cycle where you can’t have one without the others.  You start with dreaming big.  Then, you find the resources to turn your dreams into reality.  Lastly, you gain the motivation to take action and make your dreams come true.  Let’s take a closer look at the three foundational steps to help you achieve massive success.



Start by doing something every day that inspires you to dream.  Allow your mind to wander and daydream about what you want your future to look like.  Visualize your future self and what you want to make happen.  There are a few techniques you can use to create your vision for the future.  If you’re creative you can journal about what you see your future self achieving.  You can draw or paint the visual.  You can...

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