Three Responses To Achieving Your Goal

Jan 26, 2023

There are three responses you can receive when it comes to achieving your goal.  Those responses are yes, not yet, or there is something else for you.  These three responses are powerful.  Here is a deeper look into each one.



The yes response means yes, you’ve achieved your goal.  Achieving your goal can be an extremely exciting time.  Especially when you’ve worked so hard to achieve your goal.  You put in a lot of time, effort, and hard work into achieving it.  You experienced speed bumps, ups, and downs in the journey to finally successfully achieving your goal.  Relish in this victory.  Celebrate your success and what it took to get there.  Don’t lose sight of just how far you’ve come and who you had to become in the process so that you could achieve your goal.  Receiving the yes response is the easy part because you got what you wanted.  All your hard work paid off in the end.


Not Yet

The not yet response is the hard part.  These are the tests to see just how committed you are to achieving your goal.  These are the difficult times, tough moments, and rough patches where you feel like giving up.  You start to question yourself and wonder if setting this goal was really such a good idea to begin with.  But, this is where you have to have hope.  When you receive a not yet response, you must trust that a yes is still on its way to you.  View each obstacle you encounter as a sign that you’re on the right track.  You must believe that you are strong, can persevere, and get to the yes where you finally achieve your goal.  Many goals and dreams are lost in the pursuit of achieving it because of the not yet response.  You lose faith and give up.  The not yet response requires patience and unwavering belief that you will eventually get to the yes where you successfully achieve your goal.


Something Else

Lastly, the something else response is extremely unique.  There is phrase, either this or something else better.  You either achieve your goal or you get something else better instead.  Sometimes that something else is difficult to accept in the moment.  You’re so focused on achieving your goal that when you get something else entirely different, you’re not quite sure what to think.  You worked so hard to achieve your goal and you didn’t achieve it.  You might get down on yourself or feel sad that it didn’t work out the way you thought.  But, trust that it was meant to happen this way.  There is a reason why you didn’t achieve the goal you originally anticipated.  Trust that this something else is exactly what you need right now.  You might not realize it now but in hindsight you can look back and see why this something else better was precisely what you needed.



You’re going to experience each one of these three responses when you’re working to achieve your goal.  Did you notice that there wasn’t a no response?  There was yes, not quite yet where you need to be patient or you receive something else better.  When you look at achieving your goal with these three responses, there is no reason why you should fear coming up short or not achieving your goal.  In the end, you’ll get the response that you need at the time.  The hardest response you’ll face is the not yet.  Perhaps you haven’t learned the lesson you needed to and it will just take more time than you anticipated to achieve your goal.  That’s hard to deal with when you want to achieve your goal right now!  You must be patient.  It will all happen in its own time.  Trust the three responses of yes, not yet, and something else better when it comes to achieving your goal.  There is a reason why you’ve received the response you’ve been given when it comes to achieving your goal.  Accept the response and keep moving forward.  You have big goals and dreams to achieve!


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