The Strong Why Behind Achieving Your Goal

Jul 11, 2018

Setting a goal and going for it is not enough.  You need a strong why behind achieving your goal.


Why is it important to achieve your goal?


If you were to keep going and doing the same thing right now with nothing changing in a year, would you be okay with that?


The thought of being in the same place next year is very scary for a high achiever.  You want to learn, grow, and improve your life.  This is why goals are so important to you.


You know why goals are important but of all the goals out there, why did you set this specific goal?


A goal with a low level of reasoning behind it is rarely achieved.  There has to be a meaning behind your goal.  It’s not enough to simply set a goal to lose weight or save money.  You need to have a strong why behind achieving your goal.


When you start working on a goal without a strong reason why, we often stop part way through to ask why am I even doing this in the first...

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How To Stay Motivated Toward Reaching Your Goal

Jul 07, 2018

A question I am frequently asked is how do I stay motivated toward reaching my goal?


Here are the top 10 ways to stay motivated toward reaching your goal!


1. Have Goal Clarity

In order to stay motivated toward reaching your goal you must first have goal clarity to know exactly what is you want to accomplish.


Write down your goal where you can see it daily.  Use the home screen of your phone as a daily reminder of what you need to be focusing on.


Add measure to your goal, as in, an amount and complete date.  For example, lose 5 pounds in two weeks or graduate with my masters degree by June of next year.


Anyone will be able to tell when you’ve achieved your goal based on these parameters.




2. Aim Big But Aim Small

A lot of times a big goal seems unachievable because it’s overwhelming.  There are so many steps and you aren’t sure where to...

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