Having Discipline To Achieve Your Goal

Aug 17, 2023

Often times when you’re working to achieve your goal you’ll lose motivation.  You’ll quickly lose steam to push forward and keep going.  Motivation comes and goes.  You can’t rely on it to achieve your goal.  But, what you can rely on is discipline.  The discipline within yourself to take the actions necessary to achieve your goal.  Here is how having discipline will help you to achieve your goal.


What Is Discipline?

Discipline is staying committed to your goal no matter what.  When you have discipline, you take the action to achieve your goal anyway.  You do the tough work, even when you don’t want to.  Sure, other things may sound more fun and exciting but you know you have to complete the task to achieve your goal above all else.  Working towards your goal becomes a non negotiable for you when you have discipline.


No Excuses

Having the discipline to achieve your goal is not easy.  It takes dedication and hard work.  But, in the end, discipline makes you stronger.  You hold true to who you are and what you’re committed to achieving.  Nothing will get in the way of achieving your goal.  Not even yourself when you hear all the excuses as to why you shouldn’t or can’t work on your goals.  Discipline is staying in integrity with yourself.  It’s doing what you say you’ll do and sticking to it.  Discipline is willpower and the true motivation you need to achieve your goal.



You’ll want to do other things that are more fun than doing the difficult tasks to achieve your goal.  It can be tough to be disciplined when your mind tells you something else sounds better.  Oh, just this one time you can veer from your commitment to your goal and just get back on track later.  Yet, it’s never that simple.  One false move and it becomes ten million times harder to get back on track again to achieve your goal.  Discipline reminds you of the consequences of saying yes to something that takes you further away from your goal.  Discipline helps you to say no when you’d rather say yes in these situations.



Discipline allows you to achieve your goal faster.  You’ll take action to achieve your goal and see progress which helps you to stay motivated.  Even when you aren’t seeing progress, you’ll still take action to achieve your goal.  This is real discipline because you know in the long run, it’s what you do on a daily basis that matters.  It’s not what you do every now and then.  Each small little action you take adds up to achieve your goal.  Sometimes you won’t see the progress you’d like.  But, discipline means that you won’t give up on yourself or your goal during these times.  You keep going because you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and achieving your goal is right on the other side of it.



You need to have discipline in order to achieve your goal.  You cannot rely on motivation alone.  Disciple holds you accountable.  You stay true to your commitments and never give up.  Even when you aren’t seeing the results or progress you’d like.  You keep going anyway.  Discipline is having the belief in yourself and your goal that you will achieve what you set out to do.  You know if you keep taking action, you’ll eventually get there.


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