Fear Of Choosing The Wrong Direction

Feb 29, 2024

Choosing the wrong direction to achieve your goal can cause you to struggle and slow down your progress towards your goal.  However, no one has all the answers or knows the perfect path to take that will have the least resistance to quickly achieve your goal.  You’re going to have to do the best you can with the information you currently have.  No one has a crystal ball to predict the future so you can pick a direction that minimizes mistakes and errors.  You just have to wing it, choose a direction, and go!


Get Into Action

You might want to take time to research and plan out the perfect path to achieve your goal.  But, even the most calculated decisions don’t always go as planned.  There is no amount of research and planning that can add up to the knowledge and experience you gain by actually taking action.  Consider learning how to ride a bike.  Reading books, watching videos, and learning tutorials cannot compare to...

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When You Feel Like Giving Up On Your Goal

Feb 22, 2024

There are times when you feel down, out, and don’t want to work towards your goal.  You’d rather stay in bed, curled up under the warm covers.  Getting up and working on your goal can be extremely tough and tiring.  It’s easier just to pull the blanket over your head and close your eyes to go back to sleep.  But, this doesn’t help you to achieve your goals.  You’re not doing anything but hiding and hoping that some how you’ll muster up the willpower to get yourself into motion.  Here is what to do when you don’t want to work on your goal and feel like giving up.


Giving Up

There are many reasons why you may not want to work on your goal.  But, it usually boils down to the fact that things got challenging so you stopped taking action and you’re just not where you’d like to be.  You feel like you should be further along and you begin to think that maybe you’re just not cut out...

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Eliminating Barriers To Achieve Your Goal

Feb 15, 2024

Getting started to achieve your goal is easy when you’re excited and enthusiastic.  The toughest part is keeping that momentum going.  It’s getting up and completing a task each day that moves the needle.  You can quickly find excuses to not work towards your goal.  There are so many other things that sound like more fun or are less daunting than the necessary tasks to achieve your goal.  You’re going to have to eliminate as many of these barriers as possible if you want to make progress and ultimately achieve your goal.


Create A Plan

Begin by eliminating the barrier of not knowing what you need to working on to achieve your goal.  Do some preplanning to set yourself up for success each day.  Choose outfits, meals, workouts, tasks, etc. ahead of time so you don’t waste time procrastinating by trying to figure out what you should be doing.  Have an action plan to work towards your goal.  Know what...

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Avoiding Distractions From Your Goals

Feb 08, 2024

There are many distractions that try and tempt you away from working on achieving your goals.  These are usually the easier, more mundane tasks that don’t move the needle.  In fact, these tasks most likely have nothing to do with helping you to achieve your goals.  Rather, these tasks take you further away.  Learn how you can begin avoiding distractions from your goals.



Distractions are ultimately challenges that you must overcome if you want to achieve your goals.  Each challenge tests your resolve, determination, and perseverance.  It’s a way to see how badly you really want to achieve your goal.  It’s up to you to pass the test and avoid these distractions.  However, you can’t always avoid distractions.  An emergency or something important can pop up out of nowhere.  Your challenge is to decide if the distraction is necessary and crucial enough to take priority over your goal.



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What To Do When You Are Overthinking

Feb 01, 2024

Your intuition is your inner knowing.  It’s that gut feeling you have where you’re not quite sure how you know, but you just know.  However, that doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes you’re faced with a difficult decision and you’re just unsure what to do.  You find yourself overthinking and getting wrapped up in all the different possible outcomes.  Yet, this doesn’t help you, it only hurts you.  Find out what you can do when you find yourself overthinking.



Often when you’re faced with a difficult decision, you get into overthinking.  You think about all the worst case scenarios that could maybe happen.  Your attention is on the what if’s which aren’t usually the most positive outcomes.  This creates a bunch of anxiety for you because these different scenarios are outside of your control.  The noise in your mind increases in intensity and volume as you...

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Three Self-Sabotaging Archetypes

Jan 25, 2024

There are three archetypes that are holding you back from achieving your goal.  See if you recognize yourself in any of the following three archetypes.  Once you identify one or all that are culprits for you, your newfound awareness will help you remedy these self-sabotaging archetypes so that you can take action and achieve your goal.



The first archetype is procrastination.  Underneath procrastination is this belief that you can’t actually achieve what you truly want.  Therefore, you procrastinate.  You put off working on existing action items that you know you should be completing.  You leave unfinished tasks on your to do list until another day when you might feel like it.  Although, you never feel like completing it.  You’re self-sabotaging by procrastinating.  This only creates more stress, worry, and sadness within you as your goal remains unachieved.  Take notice of when you’re...

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How You Are Self Sabotaging Your Success

Jan 18, 2024

You’re either still making progress towards your goals and going full steam ahead or you’ve already fallen off track.  There are many reasons why you give up on your goals.  But, you might be self sabotaging your success and you don’t even know it.  Self sabotage happens when you’re unclear of your goal, you’re not taking action, you’re comparing yourself to others, or you’re easily distracted by new shiny objects.  None of these things will help you get to where you want to go.  Let’s take a look at how you are self sabotaging your success.


Clear Vision

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you are completely clear on your vision.  Know where you’re headed and what you’re working to achieve.  Get really specific about the goal you want to achieve.  If you don’t know where you’re going then it’s going to be difficult to figure out how to get there.


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Create Clarity On Your Goals

Jan 11, 2024

Your lack of clarity is holding you back from achieving your goals.  If you don’t know what you want, then you won’t know where you’re headed.  This blurry vision for your future is only keeping you stuck.  You may have a bit of an idea of what you want your future to look like, but you’re not entirely clear on what you want to achieve.  This creates confusion and chaos as you waste time jumping from one idea to the next.  It’s time to get specific about what exactly it is that you want to achieve.  Here is how to create clarity on your goals.



First, give yourself permission to dream big for a moment.  Think about what you want to achieve, experience, and feel in the future.  There is no limit to what you can achieve in your dreams.  Allow yourself to explore the possibilities.  Take time to really visualize your future either one month, one year, or even five years from now.  Envision...

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What You Want In The New Year

Jan 04, 2024

It’s the start of a new year and it’s almost like a blank slate.  You have the power to make things happen this year.  It’s time to get clear on what exactly that is for you.  If you continue doing the exact same things as you’ve always done, another year will pass by without any change.  You’ll reach the end of the year and look back with only more of the same things.  But, learning, growing, and evolving is a huge part of life.  Embrace change and get excited about the new things coming this year.  Let’s figure out what you want in the new year.


What You Want

The first step is to visualize yourself at the end of this year looking back on what you have achieved.  Looking back, do you see more of the same or did you step outside your comfort zone and push yourself to finally go after some big goals this year?  Think about what you want to see happen this year.  Write down the places you...

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Releasing This Year

Dec 28, 2023

As this year comes to an end, it’s time to release this year so that you can fully step into the new year ready and excited for what’s to come.  This year may not have been what you had hoped.  But, there is still hope for next year.  You cannot carry any negative feelings with you into the new year.  Learn how releasing this year will enable you to receive more positivity, success, and happiness in the new year.


Lessons Learned

For this year, what’s done is done.  You can’t go back and change it.  You can only learn and move forward from here.  Let go of the sadness and disappointments from this year.  Do not carry those with you into the new year.  Thank each one for showing up in your life, no matter how difficult.  Realize that you have come out stronger because of each challenging moment.  Then, let each one go.  You cannot continue to carry this dark cloud and heavy baggage with you...

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