Condition Yourself To Achieve Your Goal

Sep 23, 2021


There are three key components to condition yourself to achieve your goal.  These three things will put you in the right mindset so that you’ll be ready for the journey to achieve your goal.  Achieving your goal is not easy, but rather hard work.  There will be moments that test you to see how dedicated you are to achieving your goal.  But, with the right mindset, you’ll find it easier to successfully achieve your goal in no time.



A big part of working towards achieving your goal is going on the journey.  This is often an adventure because of the obstacles you’ll encounter along the way.  These obstacles are never planned.  Make a little space for the unknowns in life that occur when you’re planning out your day with tasks that move you closer to your goal.  Avoid having a tightly set schedule and leave space for the little adventures, which can actually be good.  You might not always...

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How To Get Out Of A Negative Funk

Sep 16, 2021

Sometimes you can get sucked in to the negativity of the world.  Your negative thoughts lead you to feeling unhappy, stuck in your daily mundane routine of life, and unmotivated to do much of anything.  Let alone, take action on your goals.  It’s time to get yourself out of the negative funk by incorporating more things into your life that make you feel good.


Acknowledge The Negative Funk

In order to pull yourself out a negative funk, you first have to acknowledge that you’re in one to begin with.  Recognize your negative thoughts and how you feel.  Your thoughts determine your feelings, which in turn determine your actions.  If you’re not thinking and feeling good, then you’ll be unmotivated to take action on your goals.  You may find it’s beneficial to journal about your thoughts and feelings to fully understand your current state of mind.  Provided you’ve acknowledged you’re in a negative...

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Three Steps To Avoid Spreading Negativity

Sep 09, 2021

It can be so easy to get wrapped up in the drama of spreading negativity.  Whether it’s a rumor about someone else or news being shared around that isn’t the most compelling.  You may find yourself getting sucked into following someone who is extremely passionate about discrediting someone or proving something wrong.  Being super vocal about the matter and continuing to spread the negativity will only hurt you.  Especially if you don’t know the exact facts behind the situation.  If the matter doesn’t concern you to begin with and your involvement won’t change the outcome, then it’s time to get yourself out of the negativity.


Negativity Doesn’t Serve You

Getting sucked into negativity will only send you in a direction you don’t need to go.  You’ll find yourself wasting time and getting pulled into the negative drama that does not serve you.  You have better things to do with your life than...

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How To Find The Right Mentor

Sep 02, 2021

Mentors can be extremely helpful when it comes to achieving your goals.   They can give you guidance and advice on your next action steps.  However, it’s important to find the right mentor for you.  One that encourages you to take action and helps you to believe in your ability to achieve the goal that you’re working towards.


Experienced Mentor

A lot of times, your mentor has many more years of experience and much more support staff.  In fact, your mentor may have a team that helps them.  Or if they are solo, they’ve just perfected the method to where they can complete tasks quickly.  Either way, your mentor may feel miles ahead and far from where you currently are in your goal journey.  The important part is to not let this discourage you.



Seeing a mentor many miles ahead is often the point where you start getting in your own head about who are you to try and achieve something like this. ...

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Do You Need A Mentor To Achieve Your Goals?

Aug 26, 2021

Finding mentors can be a great resource to help you achieve your goals.  In fact, you may be thinking that the fastest way to achieve your goals is just to model what someone else has already successfully accomplished.  Yet, that’s not necessary the answer to successfully achieving your goals.



Most of the time, you search for a mentor who has gone before you and achieved the success you’re working towards.  You believe this mentor will help shortcut the distance between where you are and where you want to be if you follow the exact steps that they took.  Mentors share their missteps and words of advice to help prevent you from making the same mistakes they made.  All to help you achieve your goal faster and easier.  However, what they did may not feel right to you.


Trial & Error

The truth is, a lot of mentors have figured it out on their own through trial and error.  They took steps, had failures, made...

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How To Use Visualization To Take Action

Aug 19, 2021

Visualization is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals.  However, visualization alone won’t automatically achieve your goals for you.  You still have to do the work and take the necessary action steps in order to achieve your goals.  Here is how to use visualization to take action on achieving your goals.


Why Visualize

Visualization will help you achieve your goals by keeping your goal at the forefront of your mind so that you're constantly thinking about ways to achieve it.  This will help you stay motivated and focused on taking the necessary action steps towards achieving your goal.  You must keep the vision of achieving your goal in your mind if you want to make it a reality.  Otherwise, you’ll forget about it and the goal will remain unachieved.


Visualize Action

Begin by visualizing yourself taking small action steps towards achieving your goal.  This will help solidify in your mind the actions you need...

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Five Questions To Envision Your Ideal Future

Aug 12, 2021

Visualizing yourself in the future can help you to achieve your goals.  It’s been scientifically proven that simply visualizing yourself achieving your goal stimulates the same region in your brain as you actually achieving it in real life.  This is because your brain doesn’t know how to tell the difference between real and imagination.  That’s pretty powerful stuff!  That also means that you have the power to create your future by showing your brain images of what you want to bring into your life.  Start by painting a clear picture in your mind of the future you want to live.  Here are five questions to help you envision your ideal future.


What Do You Want To Achieve?

Begin by getting really clear on what it is that you want to achieve.  You may have heard of a smart goal.  A smart goal is one that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound with a set deadline.  A smart goal could be that you...

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The Power Of Visualization

Aug 05, 2021

Visualization is so powerful.  It’s almost like a really good movie or book that can transport you to another time.  If you need guidance then use the power of visualization to help you.  Perhaps you’re struggling to achieve your goals, you lack confidence, or just need inspiration and clarity on what the next steps to take are.  Use the power of visualization to help guide you to the right spot so that you can find the answers you need in order to successfully achieve your goals.


Future You

You can visualize yourself in the future, the woman who has achieved her goals.  You can intensify this visual and the more real you make it, the more your subconscious will believe it.  Getting in touch with that future version of you will give you the faith and belief in yourself that you can achieve your goals.  All because you’ve visualized seeing it come to fruition.  It becomes evidence and proof that this is your future...

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How To Change Your Fear Of Success

Jul 29, 2021

One of the most interesting fears is the fear of success.  The fear of success is believing that if you do achieve your goals, your life will change and be worse off than where you currently are.  So, you’d rather not achieve your goals than take the risk of losing what you currently have.  The fear of the unknown that things may change in your future if you do achieve your goals keeps you stuck in your comfort zone.  You must learn how to change your fear of success if you ever want to successfully achieve your goals.


Comfort Zone

The prospect of achieving your goals sounds like a good idea.  But, not at the risk of losing what you currently have.  This is because you are comfortable right where you currently are.  The fear of success will keep you stuck in your comfort zone without taking any action on achieving your goals.  You just continue doing what you’ve always done without making any progress.  However, not...

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How To Change Your Perspective On Your Fears

Jul 22, 2021

Think about your fears when it comes to working on achieving your goals.  A few things may come up for you.  Such as, the fear of failure and judgement.  These fears arise when you are trying to do something you’ve never done before.  Allowing yourself to succumb to these fears will prevent you from taking action on your goals.  If you want to achieve your goals, you must learn how to change your perspective on your fears.


Fear Perspective

Start by taking a look at your fears.  Your fear of failure stems from a deeper level of what failing will mean about you as a person.  You may believe failing means that you’re not smart enough or that you’ll look silly in front of others.  Speaking of looking silly, this is when the fear of judgement appears.  You’re afraid of putting yourself out there and being seen because if you make a mistake, everyone will see it and judge you.  You worry it will be out...

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