The Clear Sign To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Sep 21, 2023

Remaining in your comfort zone feels safe.  There is so much discomfort of the unknown.  You think of the worst case scenario from that one time something bad happened when you stepped outside of your comfort zone.  You just want to protect yourself.  Your brain reminds you of previous traumatic events that leave you feeling scared, terrified, and paralyzed to step outside your comfort zone.  But, there is a clear sign of when you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone.



You hold yourself back from the going after your goals and dreams in life.  All because you’re programmed to seek what you already know.  You’re constantly trying to find what you’re most used to.  You’re guided by the comfort of staying close to what feels familiar and safe.  You reject what doesn’t, even if it is possibility better for you in the long run. 



It’s natural to experience resistance to something unknown because it’s ultimately a loss of what you can control.  Your comfort zone is a controlled environment where you already know what to expect.  It’s safe and familiar.  Something that is unfamiliar or foreign is uncomfortable. That is, until it becomes familiar to you.  You’ll expand your comfort zone simply by stepping outside of it.



Often times, you don’t choose to step outside your comfort zone until the life you’re currently living becomes the less comfortable option.  At that point, you believe that you no longer have any other choice but to step outside your comfort zone.  Your choices are to remain stuck, suffering where you are, or choose to make a change.  The ultimate turning point is when you say that you never want to feel this way again.  You can’t continue living life within your comfort zone.  Over time, it’s become less comfortable for you.  Then, you make the important decision that something must change.  You set out on a journey of self-discovery, to learn and grow.



It takes a lot of courage to embrace change and step outside your comfort zone.  But, when you fully step into your own power and love yourself too much to continue settling for anything less than what you truly deserve, you’ll be ready for change.  When you believe you are worthy, capable, and deserving of so much more, you’ll have the courage to step outside your comfort zone.  You realize the life you’re currently living is no longer desirable.  Deep down you know that there is something better out there for you.  Temporarily, you’ll have to find the courage to be uncomfortable and scared while you step outside you comfort zone to find a new way of being.  That is frightening but you know it’ll be worth it.



As you realize your current comfort zone is no longer a viable option for you, you take those courageous steps into the unknown.  It’s not easy but you can’t continue to live within the boundaries of your comfort zone.  Your brain will push back because it constantly seeks to confirm what you already know to be safe and true.  Stepping outside your comfort zone is unfamiliar territory, but it’s the only way you’re going to live life to your full potential.  Ask yourself if your comfort zone is truly where you want to be or is it just the fear of the unknown that’s preventing you from going after your goals and dreams in life.  You have to get to a point where you’re fed up with where you currently are in order to decide to make a change.  That one decision is powerful.  When you decide that you no longer want to feel a certain way ever again, you set out on a journey of learning and growth.  That is when the world truly opens up for you and anything becomes possible.  This is when you know you must step outside your comfort zone or live life with unrealized hopes, goals, and dreams in your heart.


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