How To Avoid Limiting Your Dreams

Aug 31, 2023

Your childhood dreams are often vastly different than the dreams you have as an adult.  This is mostly based on how much life experience you’ve had.  As a child, the world is full of possibility and anything can happen.  As an adult, your scope becomes far more limited because of past failures, missteps, or what other people have told you.  You’ve been conditioned to believe that you need to be more realistic with your goals and dreams.  You start to think that you can’t achieve anything you want.  However, this dream has been placed on your heart for a reason.  It’s time to go after your goals and dreams in life rather than keeping each one bottled up inside of you, never to be achieved.  Here is how to avoid limiting your dreams.



As a child, you go after your goals and dreams without much fear.  You don’t have previous experiences telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t.  Instead, you’re curious enough to give it a shot.  You take the leap and figure that the net will somehow appear.  You’re willing to take more risks and figure it out as you go.  All you know is that this is something that you want to make happen and so you do everything in your power to turn it into a reality.  You take action knowing that if you don’t do it now, the opportunity may never present itself again.  You don’t want to always wonder what could have been so you might as well take action now to find out.



As an adult, your past experiences creep in.  You hear all the fear, worry, and doubt bubble up telling you all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t go after your goals and dreams.  Maybe it’s not the right time, you don’t have it all figured out, etc.  All of these are just excuses to keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward towards the life you’re truly meant to be living.  You’re so consumed by the fear, worry, and doubt that you’re holding yourself back from fully experiencing life.  All because you’re afraid of making a mistake, looking silly, failing, being judged, etc.  Your dreams are limited by what you believe.



In your mind, there are so many more consequences if you make the wrong move because you have responsibilities.  You have to keep food on table, a shelter over your head, and money in the bank for emergencies.  Taking a leap without thinking it through doesn’t make as much sense as an adult.  You get so caught up in thinking it through in your head that you never follow your heart.  This is how your dreams simply remain dreams.


Set A Goal

Start by getting curious about your goals and dreams in life.  Take time to journal what you want to make happen in your future.  Don’t limit yourself.  Give yourself permission to dream big.  Close your eyes and visualize your future.  If you’re struggling to quiet the negative noise, go for a walk in nature and let your mind wander.  You don’t have to believe the thoughts that are holding you back from going after your dreams.  You can choose to think differently and believe something else.  Tell yourself a new story.  Think about your younger self and how bravely courageous you were.  Pull from that strength and set a goal for yourself.  If it scares you a bit, that’s a good thing!  You know you’re on the right track.  Now all you need to do is take action to achieve it.




If you want to live life to your full potential, you must go after your goals and dreams in life.  You can’t let past experiences and beliefs hold you back.  Being a responsible adult is one thing, but not following your dreams is another.  If you never take action towards your dreams, then it certainly won’t become a reality.  Give yourself permission to dream big and set a goal for yourself.  Then, create a plan and start taking action to achieve it!  You can do anything you set your mind to so avoid limiting yourself and your dreams.


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