How To Confidently Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Mar 09, 2023

Picture yourself standing in the middle of a circle.  That circle represents your comfort zone.  There are things you do every day that are within your comfort zone.  Your subconscious wants to keep you safe and therefore uses any excuse or reason to keep you from stepping outside your comfort zone.  You don’t know what will happen when you go outside of the circle.  You could face ridicule, embarrassment, failure, injure yourself, etc.  Any bad or worse case scenario plays out in your head to keep you within the confines of your comfort zone.  Yet, when you remain in your comfort zone you just continue doing more of the same thing.  You’re stuck living your mundane routine.  You want to step outside your comfort zone but you’re struggling to do so.  Here is how you can truly step outside your comfort zone with confidence so that you can live life to your full potential.



You may have heard the phrase, face your fear and do it anyway.  There will always be things that happen in your life that evoke fear within you.  Often this happens when you try something new because you’ve never done it before and therefore the result is unknown.  The unknown is scary.  That’s what lies outside your comfort zone.  But, when you decide to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to embrace that fear and take action anyway, you’re still acting from fear.  You feel the fear and do it anyway.  This doesn’t feel good.  It certainly doesn’t bolster confidence within you.  You’re trying to be courageous and take action knowing that the fear is very present inside of you.  You may feel all the worries, self doubt, and fears bubbling up inside you.  This makes stepping outside your comfort zone a really unpleasant experience and not one that you’d like to repeat often.



If you want to step outside your comfort zone you must have courage to do so.  Courage comes before having the confidence to do anything.  Having the courage to face your fears and take action in spite of fears, worries, and doubts that try to hold you back.  Courage makes you feel brave in the moment.  Such as, fighting the enemy of fear, worry, and doubt that’s trying to keep you within your comfort zone.  It’s a real battle and when you constantly have to struggle to fight off these enemies, it doesn’t make stepping outside your comfort zone an easy process.  It’s difficult and takes a lot of energy.  You may feel depleted and that’s why it’s so much easier to stay in you comfort zone because you don’t have to fight off these enemies.  But, there is an easier way.



The easiest way to step outside your comfort zone is to fully believe in yourself and your abilities to figure it out as you go.  The fear, worries, and doubts that keep you stuck are only present because of the unknown that is outside your comfort zone.  Yet, when you act from a place of confidence that you know with complete certainty in your own ability to figure it out, you can step outside your comfort zone with ease.  You have complete confidence that you can figure it and face whatever lies outside your comfort zone.  Stepping outside your comfort zone no longer feels scary.  You trust and believe in yourself to step into your own power with confidence.  Think about all your past experiences and evidence that proves confidence in yourself.  Consider everything that you’ve overcome and been through that has made you so much stronger.  You’ve been through a lot and this provides you with the confidence that you can figure it out because you’ve done it thus far.



There’s no reason why you must remain within the boundaries of your comfort zone circle.  You can erase this boundary and feel confident that you can move in any direction because you’ll figure it out as you go.  It feels good having that inner confidence, belief, and trust in yourself that you are fully capable of doing anything that your heart desires.  The fear, worries, and doubts can hold you back no longer.  You’re no longer handcuffed and shackled by these enemies to remain within your comfort zone.  The world is waiting with your new found confidence.  Step into your power, embrace your confidence and move forward to take action towards the life you’ve always imagined.


Dedicated in Loving Memory to Lulabelle Hansen


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