Confidence In Your Future

Mar 16, 2023

Think about what would be possible if you had confidence.  All the goals you’d set and all the dreams you’d go after.  The world is full of possibility and opportunity for you do anything you could imagine.  Nothing can hold you back.  Especially, that inner critic that often rears its ugly head telling you all the reasons why you can’t.  Having confidence in your future quiets that inner critic and turns dreams into reality.



Give yourself permission to dream and envision all your future possibilities.  No dream is too big.  Do not limit yourself.  Close your eyes and allow your mind to wander.  Tune inward and see what comes up for you.  Dream about your deepest desires and bring them into view.  Focus in and get crystal clear on what you truly want.  Visualize your future and what you want to make happen.  See yourself in the future when you’re living this dream life.  Immerse yourself in this vision.  Allow yourself to bring it into full perspective.  Acknowledge where you are, what you’re doing, who is with you, and bring it into bright color.  Confidence comes when you’re in tune with your heart’s biggest desires.


Inner Critic

Next, take a deep breath and sigh it out.  Open your eyes and feel that sense of excitement within yourself.  You are able to make that dream a reality.  Confidence gives you that power.  It’s when you start listening to the inner critic that brings up fear, worry, and doubt within you that you avoid going after your dreams in life.  That inner critic keeps you stuck and prevents you from taking action towards your dreams.  You question yourself as the inner self doubt, worries, and fears bubble up.  Your inner critic just wants to keep you safe but at the detriment of never permitting you to live life to your full potential and ultimately, missing out on so many possibilities.  Any time you try to go after your goals or dreams your inner critic holds you back.  Truthfully, this is when you’re giving your power away to your inner critic.  It’s time to take back your power!


Tune Into Your Inner Confidence

Your inner confidence is still there.  You just have to tune into it.  It’s almost like a radio and you have to pay attention to which frequency you’ve tuned into.  You might be on the inner critic station and the volume is turned up so loud that you can’t hear anything else.  Choose to change the dial!  Tune into your inner confidence.  Find that frequency and turn it up high!  Turn up the dial on your inner confidence so that you turn down the volume on your inner critic.  When you do this, you’ll be more likely to go after your goal and dreams in life because you believe it’s possible!



Your future is full possibilities.  You can turn your dreams into reality.  But, only if you stop giving your power away to your inner critic.  Tune into your inner confidence to go after your goals and dreams in life.  Quiet the inner critic and turn up the volume on your inner confidence so that you can finally live the life you’ve always dream


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