Facing Your Insecure Beliefs

Mar 02, 2023

If you aren’t taking action towards your goal because you’re paranoid about what other people think, then you’ll just remain stuck where you are.  You won’t continue to learn, grow, and experience life.  All because you’re worried that it won’t be good enough, perfect, or someone might not like it, etc.  The judgement of others can be paralyzing and hold you back from going after your goals.  Especially when you’re constantly looking for acceptance that you’re doing it right or on the right path.  Yet, there is no right path.  There is only your path.  It’s full of ups and down because that is life.


Insecure Beliefs

Insecurity stems from your previous experiences.  Something happened that made you feel unsafe or not loveable.  Perhaps whatever happened was not perfect or good enough in someone else’s opinion.  It might have even been someone you looked up to, admired, and trusted.  When this happens, you feel less than, unworthy of love, incapable, and even in trouble.  This creates major insecurity within yourself.


Comfort Zone

As you go through life, you’re constantly looking at the world through a lens that looks to confirm the beliefs that you have formed from your past experiences.  When this lens is skewed by insecurity, you’ll often find that you hold yourself back from stepping outside your comfort zone.  You’ve been conditioned to think that when you step outside your comfort zone, something negative might happen.  Stepping outside your comfort zone is already risky, scary, and unknown.  But, when you have past experiences that backup even deeper insecure beliefs, you’ll never have the courage to step outside your comfort zone.  You’ll be forever stuck.  This is not fully living life.  You must learn to step outside your comfort zone by changing your insecure beliefs.


Past Events

Traumatic events should be processed with a therapist.  If feel like you would like to try to address some minor events on your own, then proceed with caution.  Go into this exercise with a lot of love and support for your younger, impressionable self.  Think back to previous events in your life where you may have developed insecurities.  Write down what had happened and what beliefs you had formed from each experience.  One at a time, take a look at these events with a fresh perspective and try to view it from a different angle.  Regain your power in these situations.  Write out a new belief for yourself.  Sometimes you just didn’t know any better at the time of the event and a belief formed.  You can rewrite that story to create a new belief with what you’ve learned thus far.



You don’t have to let your insecure beliefs hold you back from stepping outside your comfort zone.  Reprocess previous events that have caused you to form beliefs that are holding you back.  Seek out a therapist who can help you dig deeper and reprogram these beliefs so that you’re not longer held back by your thoughts.  Create new beliefs that are positive and help you regain a feeling of security and worthiness.  Show yourself love and support through this whole process and acknowledge that your younger self didn’t know any better at the time.  But now, as an adult, you have the power to reclaim your life.  You can change the trajectory of your future by reprogramming your thoughts to create new beliefs that give you the confidence to move forward towards your goals and dreams in life.


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