Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Set A Goal

Feb 02, 2023

There will never be a perfect time to achieve your goal.  Something will always come up that tries to detour you.  Whether that’s an excuse or a real reason that makes sense to you at the time.  But, you can’t keep putting off your goals and dreams in life until later because sadly, later might never arrive.  That’s a tough reality to think about.  When you get to the end of your life with all the could, should, and would have done regrets.  You can’t let that happen!  The best time to set, start working towards, and achieve your goal is right now!


Eliminate The Excuses

Don’t believe the excuses and reasons why you can’t work towards your goals and dreams.  You’ve probably been telling yourself for years that when this is finished then you’ll be ready to work towards your goal.  You just have to get through this life event or complete this project before you work towards your...

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Three Responses To Achieving Your Goal

Jan 26, 2023

There are three responses you can receive when it comes to achieving your goal.  Those responses are yes, not yet, or there is something else for you.  These three responses are powerful.  Here is a deeper look into each one.



The yes response means yes, you’ve achieved your goal.  Achieving your goal can be an extremely exciting time.  Especially when you’ve worked so hard to achieve your goal.  You put in a lot of time, effort, and hard work into achieving it.  You experienced speed bumps, ups, and downs in the journey to finally successfully achieving your goal.  Relish in this victory.  Celebrate your success and what it took to get there.  Don’t lose sight of just how far you’ve come and who you had to become in the process so that you could achieve your goal.  Receiving the yes response is the easy part because you got what you wanted.  All your hard work paid off in the end.


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Should You Set Time Bound Goals?

Jan 19, 2023

You have probably heard of a setting a SMART goal.  A goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound.  But, what if setting a deadline wasn’t actually helping you to achieve your goal?  Instead, it’s putting added pressure on you to either achieve the goal by that date or get down on yourself because you didn’t.  Goals take a while to achieve and that happens through daily consistent action.  Here is why setting a time bound goal is not always beneficial.


Time Bound Goals

Time bound goals have a deadline when you will achieve the goal by.  But, this deadline can put undue pressure on you.  It also brings the believability that you will achieve your goal down.  Big goals can already feel really overwhelming to achieve.  When you add the extra layer of stress by having a deadline, you very well may have just set yourself up for failure.  If you don’t achieve your goal by the...

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Live The Life You Want

Jan 12, 2023

It’s a new year.  You may not be where you expected to be at this very moment, but you must let the previous year go if you want to make room for all the big goals and dreams to come this year.  You’re going to need to decide what you want this year.  The first step is to reassess where you are and then figure out where you want to be.  After you’ve done that, you’ll need an action plan to get you there.  Here are the four steps broken down for you to work through this process to help you live the life you want.



If you’re still working towards a specific goal, reassess your goal and how you feel.  Maybe your goal no longer aligns with what you want in your life anymore.  Decide if you want to recommit, readjust, or completely scrap your goal.  It’s okay to make changes, adjustments, and modify your goal.  This is your life.  Reassess where you are and what you want to make happen...

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New Year's Resolutions Versus Goals

Jan 05, 2023

The new year is here and new year’s resolutions are a popular topic right now.  You might be considering setting a new year’s resolution for yourself or maybe you already have.  You want to kick the year off right so you figure a new year’s resolution is a great place to start.  You’re excited, inspired, and motivated to make some big changes this year.  In fact, you’re ready to make this your best year yet!



A new year’s resolution is something you want to change in order to improve your life.  Maybe you want to start exercising, stop a bad habit, incorporate a new healthy habit, etc.  Most new year’s resolutions are absolutes where you say you’re going to do something or not do something.  It’s a promise to yourself that you’re going to make it a point to stick to.  You start off strong because you’re so excited and motivated to make this new year’s...

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Create Your Dreaming Session

Dec 29, 2022

In the final week of the year, set aside time to dream about what you achieve and make happen in the new year.  Now is the perfect opportunity to create your dreaming session.  Here is how to get started to dream about the new year.


Set The Mood

Before you start dreaming about what you want to make happen in the new year, you need to first set the mood.  You’re not going to be able to focus and dream in a loud, busy environment.  Instead, find a quiet place alone where you can dream without interruption.  Maybe you want to light a candle while you cozy up with a warm blanket and your favorite beverage.  Take a few deep breaths to slow your mind down from life’s hectic pace.  It’s not a race to see how quickly you can complete your dreaming session.  Rather, it’s a time for you to dream as long as you need to so that you can fully visualize your major milestones in the new year.  Also, make sure you have a...

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Reflecting Over The Year

Dec 22, 2022

The journey of life is not an easy, clear, direct path.  There are lots of ups and downs.  Maybe this was an up year or perhaps it was a down year.  Either way, it’s important to reflect over the year.  You’ve made it through some tough times.  Take a look at the obstacles you’ve overcome and the difficulties that you’ve faced.  Celebrate each milestone on your journey.  These challenges have pushed you out of your comfort zone and helped you to step into a higher version of yourself.  Without these challenges it’s difficult to learn and grow.  Here is how to complete your yearly reflection.



There are things you know now that you didn’t know at the beginning of the year.  Whether this was knowledge you gained through books, podcasts, videos, or courses, you’ve furthered your mental cognizance.  Maybe you learned a new skill this year by taking up a new hobby.  Perhaps...

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Your Yearly Review

Dec 15, 2022

With December here, it’s the perfect time to complete a yearly review of the goals you’ve achieved and where you may have missed the mark.  This yearly review will allow you to celebrate your success of what went right and also acknowledge what didn’t go quite as well so that you can make improvements in the future.  Here are four steps to complete your yearly review to set yourself up for success in the new year.


Lessons Learned

First, write down the lessons that you’ve learned this year.  Think about what your biggest takeaways were from this year.  Usually these lessons are from challenges or difficult times that you’ve faced.  But, it could also just be something new that you’ve learned.  Maybe a new mindset shift of how to think about things and view the world.  It could be a new hobby that you dedicated time to practicing and learning.  Consider what experience and knowledge you gained this...

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Four Lessons From This Year

Dec 08, 2022

Each year brings about something new.  This includes new challenges and opportunities to learn.  It’s in the darkest, most difficult of times that you’re able to fully breakthrough and experience growth.  Ultimately, this is what life is all about.  You’re able to become the highest version of yourself when you learn and grow.  Those lessons can be taken with you and help you in future challenges.  Here are four lessons from this year.


Search For Signs

Often seeing the success of others can be triggering.  Usually this is because you’re not quite there yet or at least as far along as you’d like to be.  Instead of feeling envy or jealously, see the success of others as proof that it is possible for you.  Better yet, that it is a sign that you’re on the right track and on the path to seeing success in your own life.  See someone else’s success as confirmation that success on already its...

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Four Things You Can Achieve This Month

Dec 01, 2022

It’s officially December!  You may be feeling the pressure to try and make up for lost time in regards to your goals.  You maybe thinking that you can scramble, push extra hard, work furiously, and actually squeak out achieving the goal you’ve set by the end of the year.  But, is that really the best move?  Be realistic with what you can achieve this month.  Be practical and don’t overwhelm yourself by overloading your schedule with ten million to dos.  Here are four things you can achieve this month in order to set yourself up for success in the new year.


Your Goal

First, reconnect to yourself, your goals, and your dreams.  The year is almost over.  You may not be exactly where you had hoped.  But, you are here, so let’s end the year on a high note!  Revisit your vision for this year and acknowledge if it’s changed.  Maybe you’ve veered off course or your goal no longer aligns with...

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