Why You Are Stuck In Learning Only Mode

Mar 04, 2021

When you set a new goal for yourself, you often begin by doing some research on the topic.  You start studying in order to gain a lot of expertise in this area.  Perhaps you’ve read all the books, watched all the videos, and absorbed everything you could on this particular topic.  You are the educated expert.  If someone were to ask you any question about this topic, you will most likely have an answer.  But, do you really know everything there is to know about this topic?  Honestly, it’s impossible to learn everything there is about a certain area.  Things change, new concepts are discovered, and more content keeps being added.  You get sucked into trying to consume it all in order to feel like you know everything there is to know.  You believe that once you know it all, then you will be able to start making progress towards your goals.  Yet, why do you feel like you need to continue educating yourself on this topic before you start taking action, when you already have a decent grasp on it already?  Here are four reasons why you are stuck in learning only mode and not going after you goals in life.



One of the biggest fears in life, is how you will look in front of other people.  If you stumble over your words or don’t have all the answers, you think it will reflect poorly on you.  Other people will form a negative opinion about you.  However, this judgement will be formed whether you have all the answers or not.  Caring what other people think about you is just a reason to keep you stuck as the educated expert in learning only mode.  This fear prevents going after your goals because you’re so afraid of what others will think about you.



The next reason why you’re often stuck in learning only mode is that you believe if you just learned this one more thing then you’ll be ready to take action and move forward towards your goals.  That if you didn’t have this one piece, then you will surely fail and again, be judged.  Well you can’t have that.  So, you remain stuck educating yourself further instead of taking action and making progress towards achieving your goals.



Learning and educating yourself keeps you stuck in your safe comfort zone.  Nothing bad will happen if you just continue to learn.  If you don’t have to try, take action, and put yourself out there, then you have no fear of being judged by others or failing.  It’s the easy way out to just safely continue learning rather than doing the work that will move you forward towards achieving your goals.



Many of those stuck learning and being the educated expert are perfectionists.  Perfectionists need everything to be perfect in order to proceed.  Or else, you guessed it, perfectionists fear being judged by others and inevitable failure.  This perfectionist mentality is not going to help you achieve your goals.



All of these fears keep you stuck in learning only mode and stop you from achieving your goals.  You’re stuck in your head with these reasons why you cannot proceed.  The fear of how you will look in front of others and what other people think about you keeps you paralyzed.  You worry about failing so you remain in your comfort zone of learning in order to feel safe.  You also have perfectionist qualities that hinder you from achieving your goals.  It’s time to let go of these reasons that are keeping you stuck in learning only mode so that you can finally achieve your goals and live your dream life.  You can do this by taking action in order to push through the fears, self doubts, and worries.  Fear will always be there.  But do not give it a reason to keep you stuck in learning only mode where you never achieve your goals and dreams in life.


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