Three Keys To Your Morning Routine

Mar 26, 2020

A morning routine sets you up for a successful day.  A morning routine gives you a sense of normalcy and consistency that is needed to help you feel your best.  When things are out of whack, sporadic, and unplanned, it can throw your day off.  Start your day with solid morning routine so you know what to expect.  Here are three areas you should focus on in your morning routine to set yourself up for success.


1. Mind

Begin your day on a positive note.  Fuel your mind with something uplifting.  This can be an inspirational podcast or video.  Put on some music and listen to your favorite upbeat playlist in order to wake yourself up and get energized for the upcoming day.  Take time to be silent and meditate.  Try practicing gratitude and list three things you’re grateful for.  Make a list of positive affirmation to get in the right frame of mind.  Spend time visualizing your goals and dreams becoming a reality.  Find something that will put you in the right head space to start your day off on a positive note.


2. Move

Wake your body up and move!  Do some simple yoga sun salutations to bring flexibility into your joints.  If you really want to wake up, do some jumping jacks.  Lay on the floor and strengthen your core with some bicycle crunches.  Grab your water bottle and hit the spin bike for a class.  Take a morning walk and get outside in the fresh air.  Celebrate your body and what it can do.  Try a few things until you find what works best for you. There are many apps that can help you get your exercise in.  You can even listen to moving meditations while you workout.  Whatever you choose, just move!


3. Munch

Fuel your body with healthy food in the morning.  Ditch the sugary breakfast and focus on nutrient dense food that will leave your body feeling energized to tackle the morning.  This could be oatmeal with nuts and berries.  Or you could go for a protein packed breakfast of eggs and bacon.  Avoid the fast food drive thru, sugar loaded drinks, and pastries.  Feed yourself food that your body will thank you for.  Set yourself up for a successful day by eating healthy food that won’t leave you feeling hangry by midmorning.



The best way to set yourself up for success is to make a game plan the night before.  Take the morning decision making out of the picture.  The night before, choose what you’re going to listen to in the morning, how you’re going to exercise, and what you’re going to eat for breakfast.  Set yourself up for success by preplanning.  Download your playlist, lay out your workout gear, and arrange the ingredients or even make your breakfast ahead of time.  Make everything convenient in the morning.  This will make it easier to ensure these three areas are addressed with little hesitation and stress.  It’ll be more likely that you’ll do them when you’ve planned ahead.


Remember, you need consistency.  Use these three key areas to create a successful morning routine.  Watch as you start to feel better about yourself.  You’ll have more energy, be in a better mood, and accomplish so much more once you’ve mastered your morning routine.


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