Six Tips To Get Out Of A Funk

Jun 27, 2019

Everyone gets into a funk from time to time where something just doesn’t feel right.  Perhaps you’re unhappy about something or just feeling a bit off.  Learn how to get out of that funk and back on track with these six tips.


1. Acknowledge You’re In A Funk

The first step is to acknowledge when you’re in a funk.  Take note of your attitude and mood.  If you seem agitated, sad, or angry, it’s time to get yourself out of that funk.


Nobody likes feeling down or under a cloud of negativity.  Life feels so much better when you’re happy and in positive mood.


2. Know Your Triggers

You may want to take a moment to think about what may have triggered you to go into that funk state in the first place.  Maybe it was something someone said or did.  Perhaps things didn’t go the way you planned and it made you feel bad. Whatever it may be, recognize it and know that this may be a trigger for you in the future.


Your awareness of what triggers you will help you prevent going into a funk state in the future.  However, if you still go into a funk, you can greatly reduce the time it takes to get back into a good mood by knowing what the trigger was.


3. Have a Go-To Statement

One way to get out of a funk is to have a go to statement.  Something that will allow you to let get out of that state of mind.


For example, a previous blog post discusses the bless and release mantra.  Simply thank or bless the situation for happening and release that negative energy back into the universe.  Let it go.


Another example is stating “I can’t control it.”  It’s out of your hands.  Know that things are beyond your control in some situations and the only thing you can control is your response.  Choose to respond with grace and positivity.


The key here is to shift your mindset from negative emotions to one of positivity.  Don’t dwell on the situation.  Draw the line and move on.  Get yourself out of that funk.


4. Move Your Body

If your go to statement didn’t work, try your favorite physical activity.  This could be yoga, running, dancing, etc.  When you move your physical body your mental state changes. You’re forced to think about something else.


The next time you’re feeling in a funk try dancing it out to your favorite playlist.  Create a playlist of music that pumps you up, gets you happy, and excited.  The key here is to use this playlist only when you’re in a funk so your mind will equate the music to creating a new positive mental state.


5. Change Your Scenery

If all else fails simply change your scenery.  Go for a walk in nature or a drive around your neighborhood.  When you take yourself out of the location it can bring you a sense of peace and much needed clarity.  Even going into another room can help.


6. Quiet Time

Use meditation to quiet your mind and let go of any negative thoughts.  Empty your mind.  When your mind is clear, focus on moving forward and doing things that are productive that bring you happiness.  Life is too short to remain in a funk.



In order to get yourself out of a funk you have to shift your mindset.  Start by acknowledging you’re in a funk to begin with.  Then understand what triggered it and why.  Next, use a phrase that will allow you to release the negativity.  If that doesn’t work then get physical and move your body to focus on something else. Try changing your location in order to gain a new perspective.  Lastly, have some quiet time alone with your thoughts.  These six tips will help you get out a funk in no time.  Let go of the negative energy and allow positive energy to flow into your life.


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