How To Win Against Fear

Sep 26, 2019

Fear, everyone feels it yet some take action while others don’t.  The difference is, successful people don’t let fear win.  They know it’s there but they tell fear to be quiet.


What is Fear?

Fear simply wants to get your attention.  It wants you to feel.  Whether that’s stress, anxiety, panic, terror or fright.


Your ancestors felt fear as a sign to run from predators.  Today fear is often made up your mind to keep you “safe” in your comfort zone.


Types Of Fear

There are two types of fear. The first type is to protect you from physical harm while the other is to keep you safe in your comfort zone.  If you’re not in physical danger then the fear you’re feeling is often made up in your mind.  It’s telling you all the reasons why you should remain in your comfort zone.  This type of fear should be viewed as something to move towards and embrace with open arms.  It’s up to you to interpret the signal fear is sending you.


Your Beliefs

Fear gets emotion based off your past experiences.  As a child those beliefs about fear haven’t been formed yet so you try new things.  Over time, as you experience life, you begin to build up the stories based on your experience.


Your beliefs often trigger fear to mean danger, stop, don’t go forward.  The voice in your head tries to rationalize with you about why you should just stay where you are in your comfort zone.  Many times you give in and believe those stories.  You remain stuck where you are because you don’t take any action.


Take Action

Taking action is the solution to fear.  When you take action you form new beliefs because you have new experiences.  You have new evidence to prove that this is safe and you’ve lived.  In turn, your comfort zone expands and you’re no longer afraid of what once scared you.


Do the things that scare you.  Especially when it’s simply fear talking.  This fear is not protecting you from physical harm it’s preventing you from standing up for yourself.  Do things that you’re fearful of.  Speak up, have a difficult conversation, raise your hand, and voice your opinion even when you’re afraid to do so.


The fastest way to conquer your fear is to take action and move through it.  When you come out the other side you’ll realize that it wasn’t so bad.


Fear Is A Good Thing

Successful people push through the fear and take action anyway.  They see fear as a sign that they are on the right path.  To them, fear means that they are stepping outside their comfort zone. They are learning and growing.


A life without fear means you’re not challenging yourself.  Realize that fear is a good thing.

Fear doesn’t need to be crushed or disappear.  It needs to be listened to as an indication that you’re on the right track.


Fear Won’t Go Away

If you are waiting for fear to go away you’ll be waiting a long time.  Fear will never fully go away.  There is no magical someday when you no longer feel fear and then you’re ready to take action.  Fear will always be there.


You are in control of your life and giving into fear will only keep you stuck.  Just like waiting for fear to vanish will keep you stuck.  You have to take action and go through the fear in order to prove it’s not that scary.


Win Against Fear

Don’t let fear win.  Of course it won’t be easy.  But it’s so worth it to live your dream life.  Push past your fear and don’t let it mess you around dictating how your life should go.  You are in charge and you’re going to beat the fear by taking action and winning! It’s almost like a game between you and fear.  Bet on yourself to win!


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