How To Make Progress Towards Your Goal

Jan 20, 2022

Having a system to consistently make progress towards your goal will help you stay on track and achieve your goal faster.  Here are six steps to help you consistently make progress towards your goal.


Create An Action Plan

Start by getting a paper planner.  On paper, write down an extensive list of the tasks you need to complete in order to successfully achieve your goal.  Then, choose at least one task that you’re going to do each day to move you closer to your goal.  Create your action plan either first thing in the morning or the night before.  This way you’ll have a clear view of what you need to be doing each day.


Schedule Your Task

Next, schedule a daily task in your planner with a specific time.  It’s usually easiest to do this task first thing in the morning.  That way, you won’t leave it up to chance and get to the end of the day without completing it.  Set aside the time you need to get this one task done.


Be Consistent

The key is not to break the chain.  Each day complete one task.  Even if it’s a small task, do something!  Seeing a task get crossed off your list will motivate you to keep crossing tasks off.  Watch your excitement grow as you create momentum and make progress towards your goal.  Be consistent and keep completing tasks.  Make this a non-negotiable that you can’t go to bed without completing your one task.


Reward Yourself

Setup a reward system for yourself.  If you go all week by completing one task a day, give yourself a reward.  This could be a nice dinner, extra time to watch a tv show or be on social media, perhaps some self care.  Pick something that will give you a pat on the back for a job well done.  It’s so important to celebrate your success and remind yourself that you’re doing a great job and making progress.  Plus, this nice little reward at the end of the week will be extra motivation to ensure you complete your tasks!



Have some form of accountability to make sure you’re being consistent and staying on track with your goal.  Maybe that’s reaching out to a friend to be an accountability buddy where you text each other each day with what task you’ve completed.  Perhaps you’re posting your journey on social media to inspire others and share what task you’ve done that day.  Or you might just have a paper habit tracker to fill in each day you’ve completed your task.  Know your style and what form of accountability works best for you so that you remain focused on making progress towards your goal.


Be Realistic

Lastly, even with this system you’re not going to be perfect.  There will be days when you don’t complete your task.  But, that doesn’t mean that you should beat yourself up.  It just means that you’re human.  The important part is that you don’t throw in the towel and give up on your goal.  If you miss a day, then start again the following day.  Pick yourself up and keep going.  Celebrate that success!



Doing at least one thing each day that will move you closer towards your goals will create momentum and massive progress to achieve your goal faster.  Make sure you schedule in one task so that each day you’re consistently completing at least one thing.  Celebrate your progress and all your hard work.  You deserve it!  Lastly, have a form of accountability to help keep you on track.  There will be days that you don’t complete your task.  But, your accountability will help get you back on track the next day.  This is how you make progress to successfully achieve your goal.


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