How To Know If You’re Daydreaming Too Much

Sep 30, 2021

It’s important to dream and envision yourself in the future.  But, you can’t get stuck there.  Constantly living in the future and dreaming about what could happen will only keep you living on fantasy island.  Yet, it can be so much easier to daydream about the possibility than to accept where you currently are.  Maybe deep down you’re struggling with being unhappy about your current goal progress and where you are.  Perhaps you’re feeling unmotivated and not taking any productive action.  If that’s the case, then it’s time to pull yourself out of the daydream and bring yourself back to the present.  Use the following four questions to know if you’re daydreaming too much.


Why Are You Daydreaming?

Start by asking yourself, why you’re daydreaming to begin with.  It’s important to dream about the future and what you want to achieve.  But, coming up with wild and crazy dreams that will never come to fruition is pointless.  Repeatedly replaying make believe scenarios in your head will only keep you stuck in the daydream rather than taking action on realistic goals.  Figure out and uncover why you are daydreaming about this future scenario.  It could simply be that your daydream is something missing in your life that you wish you had.


Is This Dream Realistic?

Next, take a look at your daydream and ask if it’s realistic.  See if what you’re dreaming about has the possibility of becoming a reality.  It might just be your mind running rampant crazy thoughts because it’s more fun and exciting than your current reality.  Or, it might be a stretch dream that’s outside your comfort zone because it’s something you’ve never done before.  On the scale of absurd unlikely dream to big possibility dream, score your dream.  Remember, your dream should scare you a bit, but not be so farfetched that it’s unlikely to obtained.


Is This Dream Something You Really Want?

Then, visualize yourself achieving this dream and see if it’s truly what you want and where you want your life to go.  It may be leaps and bounds from where you currently are, but decide if achieving this dream gives you a sense of excitement, hope, and possibility about your future.  Or, does the dream make you feel unwelcome, unwanted, and it’s underwhelming.  Envision yourself in the future, when you’ve turned this dream into reality, and see if you’re ultimately happy.  Identify if this daydream is something you really want to make happen or if it’s simply just an escape from your current reality.


Does This Dream Align With Who You Are?

Lastly, check in with yourself and see if this dream fully aligns with who you are.  Maybe you’ve seen other people achieve this dream so you think it’s a good idea for you.  But, does it align with who you are, your values in life, and what’s most important to you.  If achieving this dream makes you compromise your integrity and everything that you have worked so hard to achieve right now, then it may not be right for you.  Check in with yourself and what matters most in your life to ensure that achieving this daydream doesn’t interfere.



Use these four questions to help you gain clarity when you find yourself constantly daydreaming.  Dreaming is important but it can’t be the place where you always live.  Coming back to the present and doing a check in with where you are and what you truly want will help you make sure you’ve set the right goals and dreams for yourself.  Start by figuring out why you’re daydreaming.  Then, identify if the daydream is realistic.  Decide if this daydream is something you really want for yourself and your future.  Lastly, complete a check in with yourself to see if this daydream aligns with who you are.  These four questions will help you complete an assessment of where you currently are and where you truly want to be in the future.  This will give you the clarity you need to be able to create a plan of action to get yourself moving towards what you truly want in life.  Otherwise, you’ll just be stuck in the daydream.


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