How To Have Discipline To Achieve Your Goals

Feb 04, 2021

The hardest part about achieving goals is having the discipline to stay motivated and continue to take action toward reaching your goals.  Life often throws things your way to get you off track.  It is said, expect the unexpected.  Life is full of unexpected events.  If you knew everything that was going to happen, life wouldn’t be that fun to live.  This is why you must have the discipline to keep working towards your goals even when times get tough.  Do not let roadblocks, hurdles, or simply life events stop you from going after what you want most in life.  If it’s important enough to you, you will find a way to make it happen.  Life throws challenges at you to see if you’ll give up.  Keep going and never give up!  Here are three areas on how to have discipline to achieve your goals.


Daily Action

You must have the discipline to take daily action towards your goals.  Do at least one thing every day to move you closer to your end result.  This not only keeps you motivated because you see yourself making progress, it all means that you’re on the right track to achieving your goals.  The key is to not break the chain.  Commit to doing at least one thing each day that will move you closer to your goals.  Make this a non-negotiable.  Prioritize it in your calendar and complete this task first thing in the morning.  That way you won’t get to the end and realize you didn’t get anything done towards making progress on your goals.


Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is the killer of goals.  You say you’ll just work on your goal tomorrow.  Yet, tomorrow comes and goes and there’s another day without any progress towards your goal.  Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months.  This is how goals fizzle out.  At this point it becomes really easy to fall off the band wagon and procrastinate on working towards your goals.  Instead of procrastinating, make sure you’ve set aside specific time each day to work towards your goals.  Be disciplined enough to stick to this time and don’t let anything else interfere.


Face Challenges

Be disciplined enough to make it through tough challenges.  Challenges are meant to help you learn and grow.  Although they are difficult, it’s simply a test to see how committed you are to your goal.  If you’re not committed then you’ll easily give up and move onto something else.  However, when your goal is that important to you, nothing will stand in your way of making it happen.  Realize that challenges are a test.  Do not let the challenge win and stop you in your tracks.  You are smart and strong enough that you can hang on when everyone else has let go.  This is having the discipline to withstand challenges.  You will make it through if you just weather the storm long enough.  Usually, overcoming challenges makes for an incredibly good story too.  These are the moments you will remember.  You’ll have to dig deep and use everything you’ve got.  But, challenges make you stronger and build confidence.  Be proud of yourself for every challenge you’ve gotten through.



Having the discipline to continue working towards your goals can be difficult.  But, that’s why you must stay committed.  Commit to taking daily action towards your goals.  Yes, even when you don’t want to.  This is how you keep making progress and don’t give up.  Prioritize time in your schedule to work towards your goals.  Avoid procrastinating and pushing off tasks until tomorrow.  The key is to take consistent daily action.  Of course, life will throw you challenges.  But, just remember, challenges are a test to see how committed you are to your goal.  Challenges help build your confidence and allow you to learn and grow.  Be disciplined to achieve your goals.  Do not let anything stop you from achieving your goals and living the life you’ve always imagined.


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