How To Get Intentional In The New Year

Jan 02, 2020

Last year may have been your best year yet or perhaps it was a struggle.  Either way, it’s the start of a new year and it’s time to make it unbelievably successful!


The best way to start off the new year is to get intentional.  That means deciding on what you want to accomplish and how you want to feel this year.


Begin by thinking about your accomplishments last year and what you’re most proud of.  Choose one of those accomplishments to bring with you into the new year.  Don’t think too hard because you definitely have something to be proud of.  No matter how big or small it might be, you have accomplished something amazing last year.


Now that you have your accomplishment, here are four areas help you get intentional in the new year.



Think about the energy around the accomplishment you chose.  It should be flowing with positivity and energize you.  This accomplishment is evidence that you can achieve big things.  Plus, it’s motivation to keep you working towards more goals in the future.  Feel the energy of this accomplishment and incorporate the energy into your life for the new year.



Focus on your feelings when you think about your accomplishment.  Feel the excitement, happiness, and how proud you were to achieve such an extraordinary goal.  These are feelings you want to have in the new year.  Consider what things can you do in the new year to bring more of these feelings into your life.



Use your accomplishment as inspiration for the new year.  Perhaps you want to achieve a similar goal, just at a higher level.  Or maybe you’re up for a challenge and working on something completely different that you never thought was possible before.  Your accomplishment should be inspiration for achieving more success in the new year.


Set A Goal

Get creative and set a goal for the new year.  A goal gives you purpose and a reason to get up in the morning.  It fuels you to become better and accomplish a greater level of success for yourself.  Make your goal meaningful and not something that can be easily accomplished.  Stretch yourself and if you’re already on track to hit this goal then push it a bit further.  Set a goal that challenges you for the new year.



A new year awaits and it’s up to you to make it better than ever.  Get intentional in the new year with the help of these four areas.  As a starting point, pick an accomplishment from last year that you’re proud of.  Then focus on the energy around that accomplishment.  It should have positive energy that will keep you motivated toward working on achieve your goals.  Think about the feeling this accomplishment gives you.  This feeling should be one you want to have in the new year.  Next, use your accomplishment as inspiration.  You should be inspired to set a new goal for this year.  Don’t make it something easy to accomplish.  Challenge yourself and make this year one that you’ll be extremely proud of.  Your goal should make you feel excited and fueled with positive energy to keep you motivated.  Get intentional and set yourself up for success for the amazing year ahead!


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