How To Choose A Word Of The Year

Dec 20, 2018

It’s the end of the year and so many of us start reflecting on the year.  We look back at what we’ve done and accomplished. 


The hardest part is looking back and realizing we are in the same spot we were last year.  There was no growth, movement, momentum, or change. We are stuck in a rut and unsure how to get out.  Fear starts creeping in and the disappointment appears on our face. 


As high achievers, this is not like us.  We achieve things.  Yet, we feel lost.  Our mood changes and feel a bit depressed.  We sulk in this attitude only to realize this does not have to be our life.


We are in control of our life.  The choices and actions we take determine our future.  It’s at that point we decide to take 100% responsibility for our future and draw a line in the sand saying no more!

It’s time to take action.  No longer will we sit on the sidelines and let life pass us by.  Now is the time to take steps toward improving our current state of mind.  We don’t have to wait until the new year to start.  We decide to begin today.


The key takeaway is that we have recognized where we are and decided that is not where we want to be.


The first step to get out of a rut is to brainstorm all the words for how we want to feel on a piece of paper.  Don’t stop, just write down everything that comes to mind.


Some of us choose words like space to make space in life to focus on relationships, to be present and mindful, to spend time with ourselves, to be creative and explore.


Others choose words like happy to do things that bring us pure joy with no expectations, to let loose and enjoy life by not having everything planned out.


Similarly, surrender, to let go of control and accept things as they happen; both the good and the bad. 


Another powerful word is love.  Love can evoke the power to love our bodies and to stop beating ourselves up by showing some compassion.


There are so many words in the dictionary.  From joy, courage, success, peace, grace, connection, relationships, gratitude, etc.  These can even be “I am” statements.   For example, I am enough or I am worthy.  Make a list of everything that speaks to the heart.


The next step is to choose a word that empowers us from the list.  This is going to be the focus word for the new year.


Release the pressure of choosing the “perfect” word.  Stop feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed in fear of choosing the “wrong” word.  Know that there is always room to make a change.


Make it messy and get out highlighters and markers.  Highlight any words that stands out and strike through those that don’t.  Look to see if any of the words keep coming up or that evoke a strong emotion.  Ask which word resonates the most with how life should feel now and especially in the new year.  Write the chosen word down so it’s visible on a daily basis.  Bonus tip, use the word as a background for a phone home screen.


Living by this word will allow us to move from stuck to doing things that move us closer to how we want life to feel.  Choosing to do things that bring this word into our daily life will help make it a reality.  No longer will we be stuck in our current situation.  We will have made progress and living the life we have always imagined.


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