How To Change Your Perspective On Your Fears

Jul 22, 2021

Think about your fears when it comes to working on achieving your goals.  A few things may come up for you.  Such as, the fear of failure and judgement.  These fears arise when you are trying to do something you’ve never done before.  Allowing yourself to succumb to these fears will prevent you from taking action on your goals.  If you want to achieve your goals, you must learn how to change your perspective on your fears.


Fear Perspective

Start by taking a look at your fears.  Your fear of failure stems from a deeper level of what failing will mean about you as a person.  You may believe failing means that you’re not smart enough or that you’ll look silly in front of others.  Speaking of looking silly, this is when the fear of judgement appears.  You’re afraid of putting yourself out there and being seen because if you make a mistake, everyone will see it and judge you.  You worry it will be out there for eternity which will damage your reputation and change how people see you.  You believe that if you’re not smart, do things correctly, and perfectly then you’re a failure as a person.  Those are really strong thoughts and emotions.  No wonder you’re stuck and unwilling to work towards achieving your goals.


Your Life Perspective

The truth is, many people are too wrapped up in their own lives to even care what you do with yours.  Remember that time three years ago when you stumbled over your words and made a mistake?  Yeah, other people don’t remember that either.  Know that it’s only other people who are jealous or wish that they could achieve the things that you are going to do that will judge you.  Those that are further along and focused on achieving their own goals will only cheer you on.  So, work to achieve your goals and live life on your terms.


Future Perspective

Take a moment to visualize the future when you’ve achieved your goal.  Now, look back over the steps you’ve taken.  Maybe you have documentation, journals, pictures, and videos of your journey.  These might not be of the highest quality but that’s what makes it so good!  You can see where you started and realize how far you’ve come.  Look at the progress you’ve made and what you’ve achieved since then.  You can actually look back on those times when your fears were the highest for not doing things perfectly and laugh.  Acknowledge that each action you take right now is a stepping stone that’s getting you closer to achieving your goals.  It’s all a part of process.


Rank Perspective

Next, consider the level of your fear.  Rank your fear based off of other real world fears.  Such as, the fear of dying, the fear of being able to put food on the table, fear of being able to make ends meet until your next paycheck, the fear of keeping a roof over your head, etc.  These are all real life fears that many people struggle with on a daily basis.  The fear failure and being judged by others ranks so low in comparison.  It almost seems silly to be afraid of your self conscious fears when you put it in that perspective.


Change Your Perspective

Lastly, changing your perspective on fear can be as simple as asking yourself if these fear based thoughts are true.  Search for evidence in your past that will prove your fear based thoughts are false.  Use your previous accomplishments as proof that you are smart, capable, worthy, enough, etc.  Do not allow yourself to believe your fears are real and true.  You have the power to change your perspective and believe otherwise.




By taking a look at your fears, you’ll see that they are all based in your mind.  That means you have the power to change your perspective around your fears.  You can choose to think differently.  If you don’t, you’ll just remain stuck where you are and you’ll never achieve your goals.  Change your perspective on your fears so that you start making progress on achieving your goals to live your dream life.


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