How To Change Your Fear Of Success

Jul 29, 2021

One of the most interesting fears is the fear of success.  The fear of success is believing that if you do achieve your goals, your life will change and be worse off than where you currently are.  So, you’d rather not achieve your goals than take the risk of losing what you currently have.  The fear of the unknown that things may change in your future if you do achieve your goals keeps you stuck in your comfort zone.  You must learn how to change your fear of success if you ever want to successfully achieve your goals.


Comfort Zone

The prospect of achieving your goals sounds like a good idea.  But, not at the risk of losing what you currently have.  This is because you are comfortable right where you currently are.  The fear of success will keep you stuck in your comfort zone without taking any action on achieving your goals.  You just continue doing what you’ve always done without making any progress.  However, not making progress means you’re not growing.  This is when you can get easily stuck in your daily mundane routine and lose excitement for your life.  You have nothing you’re working towards to better yourself and future.


Have A Goal

In order to step outside your comfort zone, you need to begin by having a goal that pulls you into the future and gives you something to look forward to.  A goal gets you excited about life.  You have something to work towards.  You’re making progress, learning, and growing.  Your future is full of possibilities and you are miles ahead of where you currently are.  You can see yourself in the future living a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.  This success something to be excited about rather than fearful of.


Find Evidence of Success

Next, you need to believe that success is possible for you to achieve.  Look around for evidence that achieving your goals will make your life better.  The easiest way to do this is to find other people who have achieved something similar.  This is proof that it is possible for you too.  Look for evidence that will affirm success is not a bad thing.  Your success can be amazing and positive.  But, first you must believe it is possible for you.


Two Sides Of Success

Your fear of success has two sides.  The side that you’ll lose what you currently have and be worse off and on the other side, the possibility that it will be ten times better than where you currently are.  The teeter totter weights differently depending on which side you believe to be truer.  Ask yourself, which side do you believe more?  You have the negative side that you’ll be worse off or the positive side that achieving your goal will be everything you’ve ever wanted and more. 



When you choose to let the fear of success hold you back from achieving your goals, you’ll just remain stuck in your comfort zone.  Instead, you must choose to set a goal for yourself that will push you out of your comfort zone.  A goal gets you excited about your future success.  Next, you must believe in yourself, your goal, and that your success is a good thing.  Find evidence to prove that success is absolutely possible for you.  Remember, that your fear of success has two sides.  One side that makes you believe that you’ll be worse off and the other side that shows you how amazing your future can be.  Choose to believe that success is a good thing and watch as more success flows to you in the future.


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