How To Change Your Beliefs To Achieve Your Goals

Feb 11, 2021

One of the biggest things that holds you back from achieving your goals is yourself.  Your mind wants to keep you safe in your current comfort zone.  When you try something new that’s unfamiliar your mind starts telling you all the reasons why you shouldn’t continue.  This is when you give up on your goals.  The self doubt becomes too overpowering and ends up winning.  You are left stuck in your current comfort zone, never achieving your goals.  Learn a process to help you break through the self doubt by changing the beliefs that are preventing you from achieving your goals.


Identify The Beliefs

The first step is to figure out what beliefs are holding you back.  The best way to do this is by journaling about what you want to achieve and what’s getting in your way.  Think about the blocks that come up in your mind that are preventing you from moving forward.  Perhaps that’s you’re not good enough to achieve such a thing.  Some of these beliefs may be deep in your subconscious.  You can identify these deeper beliefs by starting to work on your goal and then listening for what beliefs come up in your mind.  When you are in the act of working towards your goal, you can physically feel the stress, fear, and anxiety.  This is when the beliefs become the loudest.  Listen intently for what beliefs are coming up for you and then make note of them.


Disprove Your Beliefs

Once you have your beliefs written down, it’s time to disprove them.  Read the belief you have and then ask yourself if this belief is true 100% of the time for 100% of people.  If it’s not, then you know this belief is false.  Search for the evidence that this belief is not true.  Find proof by seeing other people have achieved the success you want and therefore it’s possible for you too.  Recall your previous experiences and look for confirmation that you can do something similar to what you’re trying to achieve.  Find a response to disprove your beliefs that are holding you back.  Write down your rebuttal to why these beliefs are not true.


Belief Exercise

A powerful exercise you can do to help you disprove your beliefs is to look into a mirror and say the belief statements out loud as if you were telling them to someone you love.  For example, you will never amount to anything or who do you think you are to go after such an audacious goal.  Saying these belief statements out loud makes you cringe.  You can easily realize that the beliefs are not true.  You would never say these to someone you love.  Yet, for so long you’ve been saying these beliefs to yourself.  No wonder you haven’t been able to achieve your goals.  All that negativity and those limiting beliefs are holding you back from achieving greatness.  That stops now.


Replace The Beliefs

Lastly, come up with a new belief.  Think about if someone you loved told you they had these negative beliefs about themselves.  Decide on how you would respond.  You would most likely show love, compassion, and not be so critical.  You are now forming the new belief

you want to have instead of the one you currently believe.  For instance, you are worthy, enough, and capable of achieving this goal.


Bridge Belief

It can be hard to acknowledge a new belief as true when you’ve believed the negative belief for so long.  This is when you may need to impose a bridge belief.  For example, if you say you have an amazing body with six pack abs, it can be hard to believe that when you look in the mirror each day and see otherwise.  Instead, you may want to begin with a bridge belief to meet in the middle between where you currently are and where you want to be.  Your new belief could simply be that you are beautiful and your body is strong.  You are forming a new belief to get you closer to where you want to be.




Use this process to help you replace your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals.  Begin by identifying a limiting belief that you have about your goal.  Next, disprove this belief by finding evidence of why this belief is not true.  Lastly, come up with a new belief to replace it with.  This process will help you overcome the beliefs that are preventing you from living your best life.


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