Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Nov 01, 2018

We often live in our comfort zone.  Our ego keeps us from stepping outside our comfort zone to try new things in fear that we might fail or be judged.  Therefore, we remain stuck in this bubble for most of our lives.


Having an inkling of something nudging us to move forward is usually when we get the spark to try something new.  We have a desire to make something happen that we’ve never done before.


That's when self doubt starts to creep in that we are not capable of achieving something so great.  We get so caught up in our own minds that we stop and remain where we are. It then becomes easier to remain stuck in our comfort zone.


Only when the misery of our current situation becomes too much to bare, do we start to look outside our comfort zone for solutions.  We only take action when our comfort zone is no longer comfortable.  It is then that we draw a line in sand and say enough is enough, it’s time to make a change.


We are forced to do something different when we get a wakeup call from a doctor, lose a job, or split from a long time partner.  No longer can we continue living the same daily routine.  We are pushed to change.


We will only succeed if we get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Stepping outside our comfort zone is scary.  We don’t know what to expect of the unknown.


This is life.  Life is embracing the unexpected and uncertain.


Many of us long to be in control.  We like planning and knowing the outcome.  However, life doesn’t always go the way we planned it.  It requires accepting change and being willing to go a different course.


There are always roadblocks and detours that we encounter in life.  Life gives us ups and downs.  But, these are smaller waves when we live in our comfort zone. They are not big ocean swells like we find by stepping outside our comfort zone.


Realized that anything in life is possible.  The key is to have faith in the unknown and the future we cannot see for certain.  Believing in ourselves that we have the power to make it through anything life throws our way.


Trying times are meant to make us stronger.  We become better people and more prepared for the next challenge thrown our way during these difficult times.


The path is not easy, but this is how we come better.  By getting comfortable with the uncomfortable feeling of stepping outside of our norm.


Envision being at the top of cliff, preparing to jump, and unsure what’s to come.  Feeling nervous butterflies and getting rid of the negative thoughts of disbelief.  Many of us want that parachute attached so we can pull the cord and land safely at the bottom.  It makes me think of that beautiful quote by Erin Hanson “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”


This is what stepping outside our comfort zone feels like.  It's welcoming the scary, nervous feelings and pushing through anyway.  This is what makes us ultimately successful.  It’s taking action through fear.  That’s when we truly get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


The journey becomes oh so worth it when we fly and feel the exhilaration of success.  It is then that we want to jump again because we no longer have fear.  We’ve expanded our comfort zone and know that our success is inevitable.


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