Five Lessons Over This Past Year

Dec 26, 2019

As the end of the year approaches, take a moment to reflect.  Reflect over the past year and what you have learned.  Here are five lessons over this past year.


You Have All The Power

You have all the power within you.  You don’t need to learn more, become more, get permission, or be perfect.  You are so much more powerful than you realize.  Self doubt often creeps in making you believe that you’re not capable of achieving your goals.  But you have all the power within you to achieve success.  Everything you could possibly ever want is at your fingertips if you just simply believed in yourself.


Have Unwavering Belief

Have unwavering belief that you’re destined for success.  If you had no fear or worries about the outcome, because you knew without a doubt that your success was inevitable, think of everything you would do and achieve.  You would do things that once scared you because you knew that there was no other option but success.  Have unwavering belief in yourself that your success is inevitable.


Lessons Learned

There is no such thing as failure.  Failure is simply a lesson that you needed to learn.  Unfortunately, sometimes you have to learn that lesson more than once to finally understand it.  Do not let these moments trip you up.  Take what you have learned and improve upon it for next time.  Keep pushing forward and believe that success is possible.  Remember, you’re just learning life lessons.


You Control Your Thoughts

There is a pattern that begins with an event that causes you to have a thought which then triggers a feeling inside of you and leads to a responsive action.  You cannot control the event but you can control your thoughts.  If you find yourself speaking negatively you can choose to change your thoughts.  Your thoughts determine how you’ll feel and what action you’ll take to respond to the event.  Think positive thoughts, make wise choices, and take the desired action to make next year a success.


Become Her

You are exactly where you need to be right now.  Yet, there is a future version of you that’s learned a lot, gotten through some tough times, and came out on top.  This woman is so much wiser because of everything she’s been through.  The best part is, she already knows you’ve lived, learned, and achieved success because that future version of you is there right now!  She’s feeling so proud and accomplished with her success.  Think about that future version of you and what she’s done, who she is, and what she believes in order to have achieved that success.  Then start doing, being, and believing like her today.  You will be amazed at how much more quickly you will bridge the gap between that version of her and you.



These are five lessons learned over this past year.  The first is that you have all the power within you to achieve success.  You are enough and worthy!  You just have to believe it.  The second lesson is to have unwavering belief that your success is inevitable.  You will achieve so much more when you have no doubts about your success.  The third lesson is to recognize that failure doesn’t exist.  Failure is simply lessons learned to improve for next time.  The fourth lesson this past year is that you control your thoughts.  These thoughts will decide how you feel and respond to any given situation.  So, think positively!  Lastly, becoming her is stepping into the wiser, more knowledgeable, future version of you.  That future version of you has already achieved success.  Pull strength from the future version of you that knows everything will work out.  These lessons all boil down to believing in yourself.  You are capable of massive success now and in the new year.


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