Everything Is Figureoutable

Mar 19, 2020

Marie Forleo coined the term everything is figureoutable.  Initially this phrase can mean that you can find solution to anything, no matter what the circumstance.  In order to do this, you often go looking for the answer everywhere but inside yourself.


Streetlight Effect

There is story that a man is under a streetlight searching around when a police officer comes up and asks what the man has lost.  He says he lost his keys so they both begin to look.  After a few minutes the officer asks the man if he’s sure he lost the keys there, and the man replies, no, he lost them inside his house.  The officer asks him then why are you searching out here and the man replies, this is where the light is.  This is has become known as the streetlight effect.


Look Inward

Many times you go searching for things outside of yourself when if you just took a minute to turn inward, you could find the answer you were looking for all along.  The phrase everything is figureoutable works to this effect.  Instead of scrambling to someone else to solve your problems, see if you can find the solution yourself.  Learn to turn inward first.  You may surprise yourself with how easily you can solve your problem.  You are so much stronger and more knowledgeable than you realize.



If you think about some of the most successful people in the world, they created things that were never even once dreamed of.  There was no instruction manual.  They just took action, made mistakes, implemented corrections, and kept pushing forward until success.  The fear of the unknown wasn’t even on their radar.  They just knew that they would eventually figure it out.



Usually you want to have all the answers and the perfect path laid out in front of you before you go after your goals.  This methodology is only holding you back.  You will never achieve your goals if you remain stuck in the mindset that everything must be perfect before you begin.  This is where everything is figureoutable comes in.  Take action anyway and make it messy!  Because simply, everything is figureoutable.  If something doesn’t go the way you had planned, know that it’s okay.  Your life will continue on.



You have made it this far in life, this is evidence that you’ve figured it out so far.  Use this as proof to cement in your mind that you can make it through anything life throws at you.  Believe that you can achieve great things.  All because you believe in yourself and know that everything is figureoutable.  There is nothing you can’t do or figure out in life.  You don’t have to rely on others to solve it for you.  You have all the power within you to figure it out on your own.  You’ve done it this far.



When you believe that you can figure out anything, imagine all the things you could take action on and make happen.  The self doubt disappears and you embrace a new found confidence in yourself.  You stop questioning yourself about why or how you can’t do this or that.  You just take action without hesitation because you know you’ll figure it out.  Even if you’re figuring it out as you go.  In the end it will all work out, just like it always has.



Live your life using the everything if figureoutable moto.  Believe in yourself and know that you can figure out anything.  Your life will be so much more enriching when you stop letting the fear of the unknown hold you back.  Everything is figureoutable.


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