Develop A Curiosity Mindset To Achieve Your Goals

Nov 11, 2021

Curiosity makes life fun and interesting.  It gives you something to work towards and pulls you into the future with the wonder, excitement, and zest for life.  Being curious builds confidence, courage, and provides you with the evidence you need to achieve your goals.  There are three areas you can focus on to develop a curiosity mindset to achieve your goals.



Choose a particular topic you want to learn more about that will help you to achieve your goals.  Perhaps that’s learning a new skill, taking up a new hobby, or just information about a subject that you want to know more about.  Learn how to do yoga, study meditation techniques, or research how to get better sleep.  When you learn something new it helps you build your confidence so that you’ll be in the right mindset to tackle the difficult tasks required to achieve your goals.  Engross yourself in the material related to the topic you choose.  Watch videos, listen to audios, read books, take a class, etc.  Allow curiosity to drive you with your quest for more knowledge.  As an added bonus, share what you’ve learned with someone to pique their curiosity on what you’ve been working on.



Next, get curious and go on an adventure.  Go somewhere you’ve never been before.  This could be in your local area, a short road trip, or a father destination.  Adventures push you out of your comfort zone and force you to do things you’ve never done before.  This cultivates courage which is exactly what you need to achieve your goals.  Pick a place you want to explore and let curiosity take you on an adventure.  You could hike a nature trail, visit a tiny town with a lot of history, or go somewhere to immerse yourself in the culture.  Perhaps you’d prefer to find a museum and see what’s inside.  Be curious about this new point of interest and see where it takes you.  For more fun, grab a buddy to go along on the adventure with you and share the experience together.



Lastly, get crafty and create something.  It can be as simple as making your own greeting card, building a bird house, painting, or creating a work of art with pottery.  Use your hands and physically make something.  Be curious about the process of creating something from nothing.  Maybe you have a relative who knows how to knit or you’ve always wanted to complete a restoration project with a family member.  Perhaps you want to enjoy creating a design with a friend, so you take a joint art class.  Create something by being curious about learning a new method and express your creativity.  Creating something is evidence that you can do difficult things.  You will have tangible proof that you can achieve amazing things!  This is especially beneficial when you need motivation to do the tough work necessary to achieve your goals.  Once you’ve created your masterpiece, proudly put it on display to remind yourself just how truly capable you really are.  You might even want to share it on social media with some details about the creation process to inspire others.



Use these three areas to help you develop a curiosity mindset to achieve your goals.  Be curious about gaining new knowledge.  Knowledge is power and instills confidence in yourself about the topic you’re working towards.  Next, select somewhere you’re curious to explore and go on an adventure.  Adventures push you out of your usual comfort zone and challenge you to experience new things.  Doing things that you’ve never done before is exactly what’s required to achieve your goals.  Lastly, be curious about creating something from nothing.  This will create proof that you can do amazing things.  Consistently doing things in these three areas will help you build the confidence, courage, and evidence you need to be curious enough to achieve your goals.


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