Your Purpose In Life

Aug 27, 2020

Your purpose is what you’re here on earth to do.  It’s the reason you wake up in the morning.  Your purpose gives your life meaning.  It gives you something to look forward to.  If you’re struggling to find your purpose in life, you may just be too close to it to realize what it is.  You have both an internal and external purpose in life.  Here is how you find your purpose in your life.


External Purpose

You have an external purpose in life.  Your external purpose is how you can help others.  It’s how you can improve someone else’s life.  You’ve been through a lot of experiences in your lifetime.  It’s taking what you’ve been though and figuring out how you can use that expertise to help others through that same experience quicker and easier.  As you gain more knowledge, you can turn around and teach these tactics to other people.  You can help others avoid pitfalls and mistakes that you’ve learned along the way.  Your knowledge can help speed up the process for someone else to achieve what you’ve done faster.  Your external purpose in life is what you can teach and share with others through your past experiences.  Your external purpose can be very rewarding and fulfilling as you help others on their life’s journey.


Internal Purpose

You also have an internal purpose in life.  This is how you can help yourself and improve your own life.  Your internal purpose is about setting a goal for yourself in an area that needs attention right now.  There are different areas in your life that shift and change with each season.  You may be doing an amazing job with your physical health by eating healthy and exercising.  While your financial situation may be suffering as you’re spending more money than you’d like.  Each area is like a ball you’re juggling in the air.  When you’re excelling in one area another area may be lacking.  That’s why it’s essential to continually assess areas in your life so that you know what you need to be working on.  Otherwise, if one area is ignored for too long, it will require much harder work and take longer to improve.  Your internal purpose is about setting a goal for yourself to improve an area in your life that you’re currently working towards.  Your internal purpose allows you to check in with yourself to make sure you’re getting your needs met.



You have an external and internal purpose in life.  Your external purpose is how you can help others through experiences in your past.  This is your big mission in life.  As you go through more experiences, your external purpose will grow and deepen over time.  Your internal purpose is what you need to be focusing on right now as a goal that you’ve set for yourself.  Goals give your life meaning and purpose.  Your internal purpose will shift and change as you continue to set and achieve bigger goals.  But, both your external and internal purpose will keep you excited in life.  Living your purpose is all about becoming better, learning, and growing.  Use your external and internal purpose in life to give you something to look forward to in life.


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