Why We Must Believe To Achieve Goals

Dec 06, 2018

As high achievers, we set goals that scare us a little bit.  This fear presents itself when we start questioning whether or not we can attain the goal we are working towards.  There may be limited or no evidence that this has ever been done before.  Still, we decide to set the goal even with that little voice of self doubt creeping in.


When our belief waivers, we stop taking action toward our goals.  Fear comes into our minds when we are trying to achieve something big.  Sometimes we shift in and out of belief that we can even achieve it.  We question if we will make it or not.  These thoughts aligned ourselves with doubt instead of belief.


Successful people have undeniable belief.  They act as if they already have achieved the goal.  These people think differently.  There is no doubt in their mind.  They just know the goal will be achieved.


This stems from a different type of energy as well.  There is the energy of scarcity that we feel this pressure and need to figure out how to achieve the goal.  We hope we can achieve it but we don’t entirely believe it will happen.


Then there is the energy of abundance and curiosity where we already believe the goal has been achieved. We can place ourselves at the point of celebration and look back with curiosity at the steps we took to get there.


Curiosity allows us to experiment and try new things.  Rather than waiting to have all the answers or the full plan and process laid out in front of us.  It’s letting go of the big picture and just taking the next baby step that’s right in front of us. Each stepping stone leads us closer to achieving the goal.


Think about everything that could be achieved if we truly believed in it and didn’t give into fear. A true believer is willing to believe in something even when nothing proves it true.  Where there is no evidence or proof that is possible.  These are the times when we have to have faith.


We may think but what if we fail or don’t achieve the goal.  The ultimate goal isn’t about achieving it in the first place.  It’s believing in it with all your heart and becoming the person that could achieve that goal.  It’s about the journey.  Allowing ourselves to grow and become the person who we were meant to be in this world.


Believing is hard.  Especially when other people don’t believe.  It’s very tempting to believe what other people think because we can feel connected to them through that belief.  Nevertheless, we have the power to decide what we want to believe.  Even if that doesn’t align with what other people think.


When it comes to having belief in ourselves, it’s easier to believe when we have the support of others.  But the truth is, we can believe in ourselves even when other people don’t.  In that case, we must believe for everyone.  We must fully commit to believing in achieving our goal.


The best part is, we don’t have to share our belief with anyone.  We can keep it to ourselves and work on our goal.  Magically, opportunities will reveal themselves and things will start falling into place for us.  The more we believe the easier the goal becomes to achieve.


The challenge here is to let go of our fears and believe without a shadow of a doubt that the goal is already achieved.  Be the true believer and see what goals you can achieve.


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