When Things Don't Go As Planned

Jul 20, 2023

Sometimes you have a plan and then something unpredictable happens that makes it impossible to stick to.  Think about how you react in these situations.  You may find yourself feeling frustrated, angry, upset, and overwhelmed that things didn’t go as planned.  Plus, now you have to come up with a completely new plan.  This doesn’t make things easy.  But, things aren’t going as planned for a reason.


There’s A Reason

For some reason, the universe has thrown you a detour.  In these moments, you have to pay attention.  Maybe you’ve been stuck on autopilot and you’re just floating through your normal routine.  Instead, be present and look around to see if you’re missing something that’s right in front of you.  Perhaps it’s an experience that’s pushing you out of your comfort zone and you’re going to learn something new.  It could simply be spending time with the person you’re with.  Things don’t go as planned for a reason.


Something Better

What you had planned wasn’t meant to happen at this moment in time.  But, something better coming.  The universe is working in your favor.  Trust and believe that things are working out for your better good.  Whatever you originally planned, there is actually something better on its way to you.  That can be difficult to believe when you’re right in the thick of things not going as planned.  But, life is taking you in another direction.  Enjoy the journey and be open to whatever comes your way.  You either get what you had planned or something better.


Be Flexible

Not everything is going to go as planned.  You have to learn to be flexible.  Be up for the adventure and take this as an opportunity to try something different.  You may find something new that you absolutely love and would have otherwise missed out on if you hadn’t veered from your original plan.  Remember, there’s a reason why things aren’t going as planned.  Be flexible and open to new possibilities of having an even better experience than what you had originally planned.


It’s Life

Having a plan is a great place to keep you on track with your goals.  But, life’s going to happen and roadblocks, speed bumps, and any other possible challenge will arise.  All you can do is move with the punches that life throws at you.  You’ll be able to make it through just as you’ve figured things out so far in life.  The journey of life is not a flat straight line.  It’s full of twists, turns, highest of high mountains, and lowest of low valleys.  You’re here for all of it.  You’ll learn and grow along the way.  In fact, that’s what has helped to get you to where you are today.  Look at how far you’ve come!  You’ve Got This!



The next time things don’t go as planned, remember to avoid letting your negative emotions take over.  Instead, get excited because you’re about to learn and grow.  Pay attention and be present in these moments.  Get ready for a new experience.  Life isn’t going the way you planned because something better is on its way to you.  That might be difficult to see in the moment, but believe that life is working in your favor.  You’ll make it through whatever life throws your way because you’ve done so thus far.  Be willing to be flexible and know that this is all a part of the life’s big adventure.  Life aren’t always going to go as planned.


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