What To Do When You Feel Down About Your Goal Progress

Mar 11, 2021

Sometimes you fall off the band wagon while working towards your goal.  Obstacles come up that throw you off course.  The truth is, challenges will always occur but it’s important to not let them prevent you from achieving your goal.  It can be easy to give up when you hit a roadblock and start feeling down about your progress.  But, that’s not going to be you.  Sometimes you just need to recommit to your goal.


Give Yourself Permission

When you do feel down and out about your progress towards achieving your goal, give yourself permission to take a break.  Take a step back and give yourself some breathing room to regroup.  Go for a walk outside to clear your head.  Turn on some music and dance it out.  Maybe you need a short nap or a relaxing meditation to get you back into a positive head space.  Give yourself permission to take a break and come back to your goal with a renewed mindset.


Stay Committed

Taking a break doesn’t mean putting your goal on the back burner and letting days go by without taking action towards achieving your goal.  This is the easiest surefire way to start feeling down about not making any progress towards achieving your goal.  Then, the hardest part becomes getting back on the band wagon after you’ve stop working towards your goal.  If you let one day go by, then the next, then it turns into a week, a month, and soon you’re nowhere closer to your goal than you were six months ago.  If this is the case, then break that cycle right now and start showing up for your goal again.  Decide to recommit to your goal by taking action.  Choose one thing that you can do right now in order to begin making progress on your goal.  The key is to stay committed towards your goal and not break the chain by taking daily action.


Reconnect With Your Why

Sometimes your courage waivers when you’re trying to achieve your goal.  You get in a negative headspace and begin feeling down because fear takes over.  This is when it’s important to reconnect with the reason behind why you want to achieve your goal.  Reconnect with this reason and remind yourself why you want to achieve your goal.  Think about what it will mean to you to achieve this goal and how it will make you feel.  Perhaps achieving this goal will open up new opportunities for you and provide you with a better life.  Either way, a goal gives your life meaning and purpose.  Do not forget why you wanted to achieve this goal in the first place.  Reconnecting to your why will pull you out of the darkness and get you feeling motivated to achieve your goal again.


Be Patient

Achieving your goal doesn’t happen instantly.  When you don’t see the progress you’d like, you often feel let down.  Achieving your goal requires a lot of hard work and it can be frustrating at times when you’re not seeing the progress you wanted.  Be patient with yourself and know that this is a process.  Each step you take will eventually lead you to point where you’ve achieved your goal.  Whenever it’s taking more time than you had hoped, recommit to your goal that you will continue making progress towards your goal no matter what.



When you’re feeling let down about your lack of progress towards your goal, begin by giving yourself grace with the permission to take a short break.  Clear your mind and come back fresh.  If you have fallen off the band wagon of working towards your goal, don’t beat yourself up.  Choose to recommit to your goal and start taking immediate action again.  When times get hard and you feel like giving up, remember why you want to achieve this goal in the first place.  Remember to be patient with yourself and know that achieving your goal is not an overnight process.  Each step you take will get you closer to achieving it.  Use these tips to help pull you out of your funk and allow you to recommit to your goal so that you can achieve your goal.


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