We Have The Power To Choose

Nov 29, 2018

A voicemail message said it all.  “Choose to have a great day.”  It’s true. We have the power to choose.


We can choose to live in the negativity and darkness or we can choose to see the positive and light in life.


Negativity seeps into our lives when we get caught up in our own mind.  We get swept up in the negative self talk of not good enough, worthy, pretty, or capable.  Belittling ourselves to the point where we remain frozen in fear because it’s easier than facing the stories we’ve made up in our minds.  We always think the worst case scenario, even when that rarely happens.


The truth is, we have the power to choose our thoughts.  We can simply ask ourselves is this a thought or is this true.  A thought can be something we’ve made up in our minds to cope with whatever we are going through.  But these thoughts may not always be true.


Using the phrase “that’s not true” can help refrain the mind and put things in perspective.  When we are stuck beating ourselves up about something we can tell ourselves to stop.  It’s not serving us.  It’s only causing unnecessary anxiety.


Knowing the difference between thoughts and truth will keep us in a positive mindset.  We won’t get sucked into the negative self talk that holds us back from taking action and going after our dreams.


However, life is full of challenges that are meant to be lessons to help us grow.  These challenges are thrown at us to see how we will react.


The best part is, we are in control of how we respond to situations.  Feelings and emotions may overcome us but we have the power to choose how we will let it affect us.  We can let it take over and consume our mind and spirt or we can let it go and choose to look for the good.


We all know people who always see the good in others.  They believe in other people and have faith in the world that there is goodness.


Then there are people that seem to walk around with a rain cloud over their head, where nothing is ever good enough.  That says something about those people who always find the bad in life.


Those that look for the good, are more positive, and happy people.  They enjoy life far more and in turn, uplift others around them.


We have the power to surround ourselves with others who cheer us on and support our dreams.  Make it a mission to spend time with people who are hopeful for the future and all the possibilities life holds.  Choose to reduce time with people who drain our positive energy and leave us feeling like nothing is going right in life.


We have the power to choose a world of negativity or one that is bright, colorful, and full of promise.


We have the power.  The choices we make and actions we take determine our future.


The choice belongs to each of us.  Choose to see the good, positive, and live life to the fullest, dreamer!


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