Two Sides To Your Inner Voice

Oct 17, 2019

You have two sides to your inner voice.  There is one side that is confident and tells you to go after your dreams.  Then there is the other side that is fearful and scared that keeps you stuck in your comfort zone.


It seems as if one voice is always louder than the other.  You have to learn to tune into your inner voice and differentiate between the two voices.


Let’s take a deeper look into the two sides to your inner voice.


Confident Inner Voice

You could consider one side to be the more positive inner voice.  It is optimistic about the future.


This is the inner voice of your deepest desires.  It knows you are meant for more.  This is the voice that allows you to dream big.  It is curious and encourages you to try new things.  It tells you to go out, explore, and experience life.


This inner voice is fearless and confident.  It believes in you without a doubt and constantly tries to empower you to believe the same.  It knows you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to.


Yet, this inner voice is also level headed.  It will keep you safe from real physical harm.  And, it will protect you and keep you away from danger.


When you hear this inner voice, it is often speaking in a quiet tone, very calmly, and slowly.  It almost seems wiser.  This is essential when you are in a stressful situation.  Listen very carefully for the inner voice that is giving you clear directions in a very calm tone.  This inner voice will talk you through a difficult situation and provide you with the reassuring guidance when you need it the most.


But this inner voice is often so small and little that it can be hard to hear at times.  It is often overpowered by the fearful inner voice.


Fearful Inner Voice

The other inner voice is fearful.  It speaks so quickly and is in a frantic panic mode.  It is loud!  It speaks a million miles per minute and just won’t be quiet.  It’s almost a constant nervous chatter of fear talking.


Most of all this voice is afraid.  It tries to talk you out of things.  It tells you all the reasons why you shouldn’t go after dreams.  It starts waiving its hands, jumping up and down trying to get your attention as it screams don’t do it!  This inner voice thinks its job is to keep you in your comfort zone where it believes you are safest.



This inner voice is negative.  Not only does it hold you back from going after your dreams but worse yet, it compares you to others.  It points out all the ways it thinks you’re not good enough.  It speaks from fear and insecurity.


Learning to differentiate between the two inner voices is not an easy job but it can be done.


There are three key distinctions between the two inner voices.


1. Speed

Start by listening to the speed of your inner voice.  If it’s quickly paced know this fearful inner voice talking.  If it’s slow this is the confident inner voice that you need to pay close attention to.


2. Volume

Next listen to the volume of the inner voice.  Your confident inner voice will be much quieter and is usually overpowered by the louder more fearful inner voice.


3. Tone

Lastly, listen to the tone of your inner voice.  The frantic nature of your fearful inner voice will be easy to pick out when you stop to listen hard for the calm confident inner voice.



Focus on listening to your inner voice and pay attention to the difference between the speed, volume, and tone of the talking.  This will allow you to easily differentiate between the slower, quieter, calmer, and more confident inner voice in comparison to the quick, loud, frantic, and more fearful inner voice.


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