Three Steps To Becoming Her

Oct 10, 2019

You may have heard of alter egos before.  For example, Beyonce has Sasha Fierce when she goes on stage.  It’s almost as if she becomes someone else.  An alter ego gives you power, confidence, courage, and bravery to do things that you are afraid of.


The alter ego you should be focusing on is the future version of yourself.  The one who has already been through the tough times, learned the lessons, and came out on top by conquering fears.  This is the alter ego you should be embodying when you’re faced with something difficult or scary.  Pull from her strength and unwavering belief that everything will work out.


What’s most interesting about this concept is you aren’t trying to be someone you’re not.  You’re just becoming the future version of yourself.


You might be wondering how you become the future version of yourself.  Here are the three steps to becoming her.


Step 1: Affirmation

A lot of times, in personal development, affirmations are a helpful tool to encourage you to believe certain traits about yourself.  You could say things like I am worthy, enough, beautiful, confident, etc.  But one affirmation you should start using is I am becoming her.  You are becoming the future version of yourself.  The one who is unafraid and fearless of whatever is currently holding you back and keeping you stuck in your comfort zone.  Start using the affirmation I am becoming her.


Step 2: Visualize

When you state I am becoming her, take a moment to visualize what the future version of you would be doing and feeling.  Envision the future version of you.  The one who is confident and believes in herself without any doubts.  Feel how she is feeling and see what she is doing. Really take time to embrace this way of being and doing.  Pull from her strength and use that in your current situation today.


Step 3: Become Her

Take those characteristics of your future self and start acting that way right now.  You’ll feel a sense of empowerment and confidence in yourself that anything is possible.  This version of you is brave and does hard things that would scare the current version of you.  Draw from her power to help you do things that you currently think are difficult or scary.


The only difference between your future self and your current self is the experiences you’ve been through.  Your future self has learned lessons along the way that have made you stronger. 


Tap into your future self and use her way of thinking and acting today.  This will help you achieve your goals so much faster because you will be unafraid of doing things that your current self finds difficult or scary. The future version of you already knows that it turns out okay because she’s already been through it.  She knows that your success is inevitable.  Quickly fill that gap between your current self and your future self by embodying her thoughts and actions today.  Become her.


When you’re struggling with fear focus on becoming her.  That strong, capable, fearless future version of yourself.  Ask yourself what would the future version of you be doing, acting, and feeling if you had already been through what scares you the most?  Take time to visualize it, feel it, and then become her today.  Become the future version of you.  You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with this simple tool of becoming her.


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