Three Roles You Must Play In Life

Aug 29, 2019

If you’re ever feeling stuck there are three roles that you can use to move forward in life.



Think of life as an adventure.  Be ready for new experiences and look at life as a fun adventure.  Make it almost like a game where you play and have fun.  Put on your adventure hat like Indiana Jones. Be the curious adventurer and start exploring new possibilities.


Often times you’ll find yourself stuck in your comfort zone afraid of trying something new.  That’s why when you become a true adventurer you won’t listen to the little voice in your head that keeps you from the “danger” of stepping outside your comfort zone.  Let go of the things holding you back in life and see life through the eyes of an adventurer.  Stop consuming yourself with fears, doubt, and worry.  Life doesn’t need to be perfectly planned out or go exactly as expected.  In fact, the unexpected is part of the adventure.


By becoming the adventurer and charting new territory your comfort zone will dramatically expand.  You’ll be open to trying new things and you won’t be let down if something doesn’t go as planned.  A brave adventurer is never stuck in life.  An adventurer is always out forging a new path and excited for what’s to come.



Staying stuck can also be easily overcome by doing some investigation.  Ask yourself what area are feeling stuck in and why.  Come up with a brainstorm list of everything that comes to mind.  Take time to journal about it.  Become an inner detective to come up with a reason as to what’s keeping you from moving forward.


It is said that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask. Put on your sleuth coat like Sherlock Holmes and start asking questions.  Search for answers.  Investigate the situation and come up with possible solutions that will help you take action.


You may also need to ask questions of other people in order to help you see the situation from a new angle. Shed light on what’s keeping you from making progress.  Once you’ve gotten clear on your next action step, go for it!



It’s time to put on your white lab coat and become the scientist in life.  Scientists are rarely stuck because they just keep experimenting.  Begin by testing a hypothesis that you think will happen and if it doesn’t work out try something different.  A failed try does not make you a failure.  As a scientist it is your job to experiment your way through life.


If you’re ever feeling stuck experiment with a few ideas to help you move forward.  Life is simply an experiment.  You won’t always get it right on the first try but that’s why you keep experimenting with possible solutions.



All three of these roles will help you get unstuck.  Seeing life as a fun adventure will help you make progress when fears and self doubt start to creep in.  Asking better questions as a detective will help you get unstuck and move forward. Lastly, being the scientist and trying new ideas will allow you to take action.  Even when life doesn’t go as you had planned it was all a part of the experiment.  Then start the process over again and begin with a new adventure.


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