The Security Of Your Comfort Zone

Sep 24, 2020

Your comfort zone is what you’re used to.  It’s the normal day to day activities where you know exactly what to expect.  There is little uncertainty in your life when you’re in your comfort zone.  However, the security of your comfort zone is preventing you from living your dream life.  You remain stuck in your mundane daily routine with little change or growth.  The days go by and soon a year has passed and nothing has changed.  Learn to step outside the security of your comfort zone so that you can finally live life to the fullest.


Security Blanket

As a child you may have had a security blanket.  A nice warm blanket that would keep you safe from the boogey man and any other childhood fears.  As adults, you create your own security blanket with invisible lines that you draw in your mind of what is safe and what’s not.  This is your comfort zone.  Your ego knows not to let you step outside the security of your comfort zone for fear of the unknown happening.  It feels easier to stay where you are because you know exactly what to expect.


Your Comfort Zone

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if you stepped outside your comfort zone and tried something new.  It’s unknown and scary.  That’s why your ego wants to keep you safely tucked in your comfort zone.  But, life happens right outside your comfort zone.  This is how you learn, grow, and become better.  It’s how you experience new things and live a more fulfilling life.



If you’re holding yourself back from going after your dreams because you’re afraid of stepping outside your comfort zone, then your dreams will continue to collect dust.  You’ll never be able to fully go after your dreams if you let yourself believe that your current way of living is the only option.  Yes, it’s what you know and are accustom to.  It also feels safe and secure.  However, you’ll never be able to entirely experience life and live out your dreams if you remain stuck in your comfort zone.


Imaginary Lines

You created the imaginary lines drawn around your comfort zone that are keeping you from going after your dreams.  If you created them, then you can choose to change them.  You can take action and push yourself to do things that are outside your comfort zone.  As you do this, these once scary things will become second nature to you and your comfort zone will expand.  Do not let these lines keep you stuck.  Try new things and face the fear of doing things that are outside your comfort zone.



Remaining in the security of your comfort zone will only keep you stuck.  If you want to live life to the fullest and turn your dreams into reality then it’s time to start stepping outside your comfort zone.  Do not fear stepping outside the security of your comfort zone.  Think of everything you could gain if you’d just allow yourself to break free of your fears and finally go after your dreams in life.  The imaginary lines you have drawn around your comfort zone can be challenged.  Each time you step outside your comfort zone you are saying yes to learning, growing, and living out your dreams.  Yet, every time you stay within the confines of your comfort zone, you’re saying no to all possibilities of your future.  Say yes to living your dream life and start stepping outside of the security of your comfort zone.


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