The Power Of Visualization

Aug 05, 2021

Visualization is so powerful.  It’s almost like a really good movie or book that can transport you to another time.  If you need guidance then use the power of visualization to help you.  Perhaps you’re struggling to achieve your goals, you lack confidence, or just need inspiration and clarity on what the next steps to take are.  Use the power of visualization to help guide you to the right spot so that you can find the answers you need in order to successfully achieve your goals.


Future You

You can visualize yourself in the future, the woman who has achieved her goals.  You can intensify this visual and the more real you make it, the more your subconscious will believe it.  Getting in touch with that future version of you will give you the faith and belief in yourself that you can achieve your goals.  All because you’ve visualized seeing it come to fruition.  It becomes evidence and proof that this is your future reality.  You have visualized it and spoken it into reality so it is.


Past You

You can also visualize going back in time to reconnect with your younger self.  Sometimes you need to be reminded of that innocence and curiosity of when you were younger.  Visualizing yourself traveling back in time to your younger self can be so incredibly powerful to see that version of you who had no fear and saw the world full of possibilities.  The younger version of you who dreamed big and believed that anything was possible for her future.  Reconnecting to those thoughts and feelings can help motivate you to go after the dream life you’re truly meant to live.


Present You

Just getting quiet and taking time to be present can be extremely useful.  Close your eyes and ask yourself what you need to know right now.  Then, just listen.  Sometimes you’ll get answers to questions you’ve been struggling to solve.  Simply being present to the silence and stillness can give you insights on what you may have been missing because you’ve been too busy to notice.  Sitting in the peacefulness can calm you down so that you can refocus on what’s important.  Being present allows you to discover what your next action steps should be in order to achieve your goals.



Lastly, you can visualize asking your mentors for advice.  Sometimes you just need to seek guidance from people who have gone before you.  Those that have already walked the path and achieved what you are working towards can help shed light on what you should or shouldn’t do.  If they aren’t available to speak to, visualize having a conversation with them and see what comes up.  You may be surprised by what you hear.  You can even do this with other people in your life that you trust and ask them what they would do in this situation.  Whether they are living or passed, the power of visualization can do this.  If you close your eyes, get quiet enough, and allow your mind to visualize, it is possible.  One example to help you do this is to visualize sitting at a table surrounded by your most trusted advisors.  Think about who would be sitting at your table and see what advice they give you.



Visualization can help you find solutions that will enable you to achieve your goals.  Use visualization to your advantage to see yourself in the future of when you’ve already achieved your goals as proof that it’s possible.  Visualize reconnecting to your fearless younger self for a boost of motivation.  Sit quietly and be present as you visualize answers to the next steps you need to take to achieve your goals.  Lastly, visualize meeting your mentors and having a conversation with them to advise you on the best way to achieve your goals.  The power of visualization can help you to achieve your goals so use it often.


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