Take Back Your Personal Power

Dec 07, 2023

It’s time to take back your personal power to achieve your goals and dreams in life.  Personal power is not necessarily coming from a place of authority.  Rather, it’s your inner self-esteem and confidence.  It is defined as being more of an attitude or state of mind.  When you think and act from a place of personal power, you’re stepping into the truest version of yourself.



When you have personal power, you’re confident in your decisions.  You’re not looking to someone else for acceptance or approval.  You’re not seeking advice or feedback on what to do next before you take action.  You strongly believe that you’ll be able to figure it out as you go.  Even if you make a mistake or misstep, you know you’ll learn from it and be able to move forward to make a more informed decision.  Personal power gives you a sense of confidence you wouldn’t otherwise have.


Drained Energy

Everyday your personal power is being drained from you.  Whether that’s from specific people or stressful situations.  Your energy is often running low by the end of the day.  You can work to try and limit the energy vampires that suck your spirits dry but you’ll never be able to fully remain one hundred percent charged.  Realistically, you can’t always be full of energy.  At night, you must recharge your batteries or you’ll be running on empty the next day.  When you’re running on fumes, that attitude will leave you unhappy, frustrated, and irritable.  You must take back your personal power.



Complete a visualization each night to recall your personal power.  When you’re lying in bed at night, close your eyes and silently say to yourself “I’m recalling my personal power.”  Then, visualize two bright green rays of light energy flowing into your arms.  You’re recharging your batteries.  Take back your personal power that you have lost throughout the day.



Having personal power gives you strength, especially during difficult moments.  Each day, you have to make thousands of decisions.  Some of these decisions are easier than others.  But, when you act from a place of personal power, you’re standing in your truth.  It’s who you are on a core level.  You’re not having to defend yourself or your actions.  You know you’re doing the right thing and stand firmly behind your decisions.  Acting from a place of personal power is having an inner confidence and strength in your choices.



Your personal power is what allows you to move forward towards your goals and dreams in life.  That confidence is walking with your head held high, knowing you’ll be able to figure things out.  You don’t have to have all the answers but you know you’re resourceful and can find a way to overcome any challenge or obstacle that has been put in your path.  You check in with yourself daily to monitor your energy level.  You take care of yourself by prioritizing your health to recharge your energy levels.  Perhaps that’s staying away from certain people or situations that drain your energy and knowing when you need to rest to recharge your batteries.  Visualize recalling your personal power each night.  Acknowledge the inner strength you have when you take back your personal power.  Anything is possible for you but you must believe it is so and stand firmly in your own personal power.  Take back your personal power so that you can achieve your goals and dreams in life.  The world can’t wait forever.


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