Stop Worrying About What Other People Think

Nov 08, 2018

We grow up on this life path of finishing school, graduating with a degree, starting an amazing job in our field, getting married, and eventually having children.


We want to make our parents proud, have that incredible career, and a beautiful family.


Life pushes us to acquire all the “things” to make it look like we have it all.  We strive to have this “perfect” life as evidence that we are enough.


This pressure mounts as we get older and soon we lose sight of what we truly love in life.  The passion we once had as children is no longer there.  It’s now a daily routine of getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home to dinner, tv, sleeping, and waking up to do it all over again the next day.  We believe that by achieving this “ideal” life we will finally be happy.


Happiness doesn’t come from having it all.  It comes from living a life that we’re excited about.


However, we worry so much about what other people will think of us.  We worry that we may look stupid, we may stutter over our words, look funny, or stumble clumsily.


When in fact, we are actually worried what this judgement means about ourselves.  We use the response of other people as evidence to prove the story we are telling ourselves is true.  Another person’s reaction to our appearance or behavior is the litmus test on if it’s accurate.  We use this to confirm the story of I’m not smart, I’m not pretty, etc.


This all comes down to a fear of judgement.


There are two trains of thought here.


The first is realizing that people who judge are actually afraid of being judged themselves.  When they speak about how other people dress, look, or talk they are actually mirroring themselves.  Deep down they have that same fear about themselves.


The second thought is that people are so wrapped up in their own life.  They don’t even bother with what’s going on in someone else’s life.  They are so caught up in their own world that life solely revolves around them and no one else.


When we finally realize that people are more focused on themselves than us, we can truly be free. We can stop hiding behind the fear of judgement.


Living life based on what other people think will keep us stuck in our daily routine.  We will never be able to live our fullest life and go after the dreams we aspire to achieve.


Don’t let the thoughts of what other people think control the life we are destined to live.


It’s time to change the stories we have made up about being judged.  The truth is, we will all judge and be judged at some point.  From the way we dress to the blog post we write.  It’s creating a new story that says not to fear judgement. Embrace it and take action anyway. Live a dream life based on what we want, not what someone else wants.


It’s not about having all the things and proving how amazing life is.  It’s living a life that brings us happiness and excitement instead of the monotony.  Living this life requires us to stop worrying about what other people will think and live the life we have imagined!


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