Six Tips To Quiet Fear And Regain Your Confidence

Jul 02, 2020

You have an inner voice that either remains quietly in the background or speaks up and takes over your thoughts.  The slow paced, quiet voice is one of reason.  The fast paced, loud voice is fear talking.  When fear starts shouting it’s hard not to listen.  Your confidence dwindles as the negative thoughts swarm in your mind.  It’s imperative to recognize when fear has taken control and begins to make decisions on your behalf.  Use these six tips to quiet fear and regain your confidence.


1. Music

The first tip in getting yourself out of a fearful funk is to put on a good playlist.  Play happy music that you can sing along to.  These tunes could be some of your favorite childhood hits that you’ve memorized all the lyrics to.  You know these songs backwards, forwards, and can confidently belt out all the word.  Shift your mindset away from fear by listening to familiar, upbeat music.


2. Move

Next, get up and move!  Go for a walk outside and clear your head.  Do a workout whether it’s hard, heart pumping, sweaty cardio or a relaxing yoga meditation.  Be present and focus on the next move in the exercise so that you can let go of the negative thoughts that have consumed your mind.  You’ll be proud of yourself for taking the time to refocus your energy and reestablish your self confidence.


3. Find The Cause

If those two tips didn’t work, then these negative thoughts are much deeper than the surface level.  This is when you really need to dig into what’s causing your mind to scream negative, fearful thoughts at you.  Ask yourself, what’s going on in your life that is causing you to be stressed out, worried, and fearful.  Identify the trigger.  Something is happening that’s shifted your mindset.  Pin point what the issue is that you need to address.  Now that you’ve found the cause, you can confidently move forward to find a solution.


4. List The Scenarios

In order to find a solution to what’s causing you to be fearful, you need to play out all the different scenarios.  This especially includes the worst case scenario.  Think about what are you most afraid of happening that’s causing you so much fear and anxiety.  Know that your mind always goes to the worst case scenario but that rarely happens.  Even if that worst case scenario were to happen, you will live, and cross that bridge if and when you have to.  This is simply because there is no other option but to continue moving forward.  You can confidently face and overcome whatever life throws your way.


5. Pep Talk

Most importantly, you’ve got to give yourself a pep talk.  Tell yourself positive affirmations out loud.  Such as, you are stronger than you know and you have all the power within you.  The truth is, you’ve made it this far in life and you will make it through this as well.  Recall previous events that you’ve survived and prevailed.  Use those as evidence and proof that you can triumph over this hurdle too.  Boost your confidence and remind yourself how capable you truly are.  You’ve got this!


6. Positivity Boost

If you need an additional reminder of how strong and capable you are then cement that belief in your mind with more positivity.  Watch inspirational you tube videos, read uplifting books, or listen to motivational podcasts.  Fuel your mind with positive thoughts and boost your self confidence.



Use these six tips to help you quiet your fearful inner voice and take back your confident self.  Start with listening to upbeat music that put you in a better mood.  Then, get moving and do some form of exercise to take your mind off of things.  If those simple tips don’t work, then it’s time to dig a bit deeper.  Find the underlying cause of your fear by identifying what’s going on in your life that’s making you feel this way.  Next, list out the possible scenarios that you’re most fearful about happening.  This includes playing out the worst case scenario.  Now it’s time to give yourself a pep talk and remind yourself that you are strong and capable of making it through anything.  Provide yourself with evidence and tell yourself positive affirmations.  Lastly, if you need help believing in yourself, then fuel your mind with positivity from other sources.  These six tips will help you bust through your fear, quiet that negative inner voice, and regain your confidence.


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