Six Tips To Help You Overcome Negative Criticism

Nov 21, 2019

Going after you dreams can be hard in and of itself.  Add on top of that the negative criticism from others only increases the pressure you’re already feeling.  When you decide to take a stand and go after your dreams, you’re putting yourself out there to where you become very vulnerable.  During this time you may come across people who don’t quite understand what it is you’re going after.  These are the people who find it easy to criticize you and be negative about what you’re trying to achieve.


You may be fed negative thoughts that you’re crazy, it’s a stupid idea, or who are you to be doing this.  In reality, the people who are telling you these negative thoughts are simply voicing their own fears and beliefs about themselves.


When you dare to go after your dreams you may be surprised to find that the people you thought would support you actually say negative comments.  All because they feel threatened by your dream and want to bring you back to their level.  When you start doing amazing things the people around you may feel like they’re being left behind.  They would rather try and hold you back from going after your dreams with negative comments.  But, you can’t let that stop you.


Here are six tips to help you overcome negative criticism so that you can go after your dreams.


1. It’s Not About You

These negative comments actually have nothing to do with you.  Other people see you going after what you want in life and they get jealous.  All because they are letting fear keep them from going after their own dreams.  They just want to bring you down in hopes that it makes themselves feel better.  Do not let the negative words of others hold you back from going after what you want in life.


2. Different Views

Some people may want to push their beliefs onto you.  They may think something is dreadful when you think it’s absolutely beautiful.  You do not have to take on their beliefs.  Just because they have a certain belief or story doesn’t mean it’s true.  Each person has their own unique point of view and is entitled to their own opinion.  Stay true to what you believe.  Most of all believe in yourself and the work you are doing.


3. You’re On The Right Path

You’re always going to face criticism.  Instead of thinking it’s a red flag, see it as a sign that you’re on the right track.  You’re doing something that is so good that others want to be a part of it.  This means you’re doing something great and making an impact.  While this can bring tons of raving fans it can also attract others who want to bring you down.  Remember, negative criticism is proof that you’re on the right path.


4. You Can’t Please Everyone

When you stand up for something and show up in a way that makes others think this can cause other people to say that they don’t agree with you or what you’re doing.  But that just means you’re getting your message out there.  This can be polarizing where some people love it and some people hate it.  You’re not going to please everyone.  But that’s okay!  Go after your dreams and what you believe in.


5. Show Kindness

People who leave you negative criticism are letting their own fears and beliefs keep them stuck in a negative mindset.  It must be absolutely miserable living in that negative mindset.  On a certain level you can feel sorry for them.  Show the critics some compassion.  Send them love and kindness as these people need it more than ever.


6. Don’t Take It Personally

It will never be easy hearing criticism and all the negative comments.  But you must learn to tell yourself who cares.  Do not consume yourself with the negative remarks.  Believe in yourself and go after your dreams.  Don’t take criticism personally.  Bless and release that negative energy so that you don’t hold onto it.



Use these six tips to help you overcome negative criticism so that you can go after your dreams.  You are meant for great things.  Do not let others hold you back from achieving greatness.  Remember, it’s not about you.  Rather, the criticism stems from the other persons own fears and beliefs that are holding them back.  Know that everyone is going to have their own opinion and different view.  Do not let this stop you from going after your dreams.  Believe that criticism is actually a sign that you’re on the right path.  You’re doing something that’s making people think and get a bit uncomfortable with where they are in life.  You’re doing big things!  Along the way to achieving your dreams you’re not going to please everyone.  Show the critics a little kindness.  Lastly, don’t take it personally.


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