Six Steps To Prepare For The New Year

Dec 19, 2019

Preparing for the new year means taking a moment to look back in time and reflect on the past year.  It also means looking forward into the future and allowing yourself to dream about what you want to achieve in the new year.  Make the new year your best yet!  Here are six steps to prepare for the new year.


1. Celebrate

Start by taking inventory of the things that have worked well for you over the past year.  List your biggest successes, your achievements, and what you’re most proud of.  Think about what things you did in order to create success this past year.  You may want to continue these things in the new year.  Take time now to celebrate your wins!


2. Lessons Learned

Review the past year of what didn’t work so well.  Be open and honest with yourself.  Dig deep as to why things didn’t go as you had hoped.  Honestly, hardly anything goes exactly as planned.  Make these lessons that you’re going to take into the new year.  You’ve learned some valuable lessons which means you’ll improve and do better in the new year.


3. Be Grateful

Think about the things you’re most grateful for this past year.  These could be big or small.  Either way, focus on the positive things that brought you happiness and joy over the past year.  Take note of people you’ve enjoyed being around.  People who lift you up and encourage you.  Be grateful for what you’ve learned and overcome this past year.  Be grateful for your surroundings and your health.  Most of all, be grateful for another year.


4. Recharge

As the past year winds down, you may be finding your inspiration and motivation running out.  But, now is the best time to recharge before the new year.  Recharge your mind with inspiration through podcasts, books, audios, videos, courses, etc.  Recharge your body with healthy food, exercise, and sleep.  Schedule in some self care and relax.  Focus on restorative things that will keep you motivated now and through the new year.


5. Clarity

Gain clarity on what you want to achieve in the new year.  Set some time aside for you to day dream about what you want the new year to look like.  From your day to day lifestyle to where you want to go and things you want to see or experience.  Write down some of your biggest hopes, dreams, and aspirations for the new year.


6. Set Goals

Now set some goals for the new year.  Make your goals specific and write them down!  You’re more likely to achieve your goals when you put them on paper.  Consider what you want to make happen in the new year.  These may be things that you didn’t get around to doing over the past year that you’ve been wanting to do.  Create your dream goal list. 



Use these six steps to prepare for the new year.  Start by celebrating your wins.  This past year may have been your best year ever.  Or perhaps it could have been better.  Either way, always look for the positive and the lessons you can learn.  There is a silver lining in every cloud.  You may just have to take a step back and look hard for it!  Be grateful for this past year and get excited about the coming new year.  If you’re finding yourself feeling a bit drained, take time to recharge your mind and body by scheduling some self care.  Give yourself space to dream about the future.  This will allow you to get clarity on your goals and what you want to achieve in the new year.  Lastly, make sure you set goals for the new year and write them down on paper.  With these six steps you’re now prepared for the new year to make it your most successful year yet!


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