Seven Tips On How To Achieve Your Goal Faster

Jul 11, 2019

You may have multiple goals that you’re working toward but you’re struggling to see results.  Here are the seven tips on how to achieve your goals faster.


1. Choose One Main Goal

Challenge yourself to choose one main goal and make it a priority.  This will force yourself to focus on one goal and put all your effort toward seeing it through.  When you have one main goal you’re focusing your energy on making that one thing happen.  However, when you have multiple things you’re working on your mind gets scattered and little progress is made.


2. Stop Splitting Your Energy

Spreading your energy amongst many goals will only slow you down.  Think of it this way, you have two bridges across the water you’re going to build. If you put all your effort into one bridge it will get completed much sooner than if you had to split your time between the two.  The same is true when you focus your efforts on one main goal.


3. Progress Is Motivation

The number one reason why people quit working towards their goal is because they fail to see progress. When immediate results don’t happen it’s easy to give up.  However, when you have one main goal you’ll start achieving small milestones that will move you toward your bigger goal.  This will keep you motivated to keep working toward you goal because you’re seeing progress. You’re more likely to keep working toward your goal when you see progress. 


4. Inventory What You’re Working On

If you’re struggling to have enough time work on your main goal, consider what tasks you’re actually working on.  If you were to really take a look at what you’re working on you’ll realize that you’re spending more time on lower priority activities.  Seriously ask yourself if your schedule aligns with your main goal or if you are working on other things that are not focused on your main goal.  You may be busy and faced with many tasks that must get done but some of these tasks are more important than others.  The most important tasks are the ones directly focused on making progress toward your goal.


5. Schedule It

It is essential to align your schedule with your main goal.  That means setting yourself up for success and reducing obstacles by scheduling time to work on your main goal in the morning.  Tackle your most critical task first because the longer you wait the more likely you are to put it off until the next day.  If you keep pushing off working on you goal until the next day, it will be easier to give up because you’ll stop seeing progress.  Make sure to schedule in time on your calendar to work on your main goal otherwise it will be easy to forget about.


6. Do Your Most Important Task First

 Learn to prioritize your time and put what matters most first.  Simple tasks are procrastination for when you don’t want to work on your harder projects.  It makes you much more efficient and effective to wake up and tackle the most important task that must get done that day.  It’s also so much easier to complete an important task when you have the most energy and your head is clear.  Do your most important task that will move you closer toward achieving your goal in the morning.


7. Commit To One Task Everyday

The important thing here is to do at least one thing every single day that will move you closer to your one main goal.  Once your one goal is done then you can work on whatever else you want.  But until then, stay focused on your one main goal.



Choose the one most important goal to focus on.  Focus on only one main goal at a time.  By having one goal you will be laser focused on making it happen.  Schedule time every morning to do one activity that will move you closer toward achieving your goal.  As you’re making progress toward achieving your goal, you’ll see yourself getting closer and closer to that end result you’ve been working so hard for. This will motivate you to stick with it and keep working toward achieving your goal.  Soon enough you’ll have achieved your goal and be ready for the next one!


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