Review Your Yearly Accomplishments

Dec 02, 2021

As you approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to reflect over what accomplishments you’ve had this year.  No matter how big or small, you have something to be proud of.  It may be hard to recognize at first, but there are things that happened this year that you can be extremely proud of.  Whether it’s how you responded in a particular situation or life long memories you created, there are plenty of accomplishments you’ve achieved this year.  Let’s review your yearly accomplishments.



Start by writing down what amazing things happened this year.  These could be goals that you achieved whether personal or professional.  It may be incredible moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime.  Fun times with friends and family.  Memories and major milestones that light you up, make you happy, smile, and feel proud.  Or difficult times where you persevered to become stronger, wiser, and better for it.  These are all accomplishments because you’ve made it through.  Make a list of all your accomplishments this year.



Next, think about what steps you took to accomplish these things.  Perhaps it’s that you actually set aside time and made them a priority.  You might have stopped letting excuses and other life events take precedence.  Maybe it’s that you used your planner and scheduled time non negotiable time to work on your goals.  You may have mastered time blocking, woke up earlier, stopped procrastinating, asked for help, took a class, invested in experts, overcame your fears, avoided comparison, had courage, etc.  Write down what helped you have success.  Then, make a commitment to keep doing these things in the new year.



Now, ask yourself where you found inspiration and motivation to keep going when times were tough.  It could be certain people in your life or online, accounts you follow, podcasts, videos, etc.  Next year you’ll experience times of self doubt.  Life will throw you curve balls that will cause you to pause and rethink things.  You may experience some unpleasant and difficult times that try to test your willpower.  It’s important to know where you can turn to find that extra boost of confidence you need to keep going when you need it.  Make note of these resources so you can easily access them.


Lessons Learned

You’ve learned a lot over the past year.  You’ve encountered speed bumps and challenges that you’ve had to overcome.  These are all things that you’ve had to figure out and have made an impact on your life this past year.  Write down the major lessons you’ve learned.  These could be new ways of thinking, strategies, concepts, ideas, or ways of doing things that have helped to transform your life.  Reflect over the past year what your biggest lessons and takeaways have been.




Lastly, celebrate all that you’ve achieved this year.  You’ve made it to another year and that’s plenty to be proud of.  None of these accomplishments should be taken lightly.  Each one has gotten you to where you are right now.  Celebrate your success over the past year, no matter how big or small.  It all matters because you matter!



You have more to be proud of than you realize.  Review your yearly accomplishments by writing down everything you’ve achieved over the past year.  Then, write down what helped you achieve success this year.  Perhaps it was mindset shifts, help from other people, having good habits, etc.  Don’t forget to include where you gained inspiration from when you struggled to reach your achievements.  Next, write down what you’ve learned this year.  Lastly, celebrate because you’ve accomplished a lot this year.  You have so much to be proud of.  Don’t minimize your accomplishments.  At the end of the year, you’re still here standing and that’s an accomplishment worth celebrating!


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