Preparing To Take Action

Jun 06, 2024

You may think you’re making progress towards your goals because you’re in the learning and researching phase.  You’re consuming content from books, podcasts, videos, and even learning tips from mentors.  All with the hopes that you’ll be better prepared to put it into practice.  However, sometimes you get stuck in this phase because you never feel quite ready.  The truth is, there will never be a perfect time to start.  In fact, the perfect time to start is right now!  You must stop preparing to take action and actually take action!


Preparing Yourself

Think about if you were wanting to learn how to ski.  Reading books, watching videos, listening to podcasts from athletes, and studying Olympians will only take you so far.  It’s when you actually put on the skis for the first time, you will be able to really test your ability to master the craft.  Trying to prepare yourself will only take you so far.  You don’t know what to research or what questions to ask until you’re in the moment, taking action to experience it for yourself.  There is so much you don’t know until you do know by taking action.  You learn the most by taking action.  Each step you take allows you to reassess, pivot, and make adjustments as needed.  Do not be afraid of this.  There is so much more you will learn if you just take action because simply preparing yourself will not get you the results you need to achieve your goal.


Be Determined

You may think you need to prepare in order to save yourself from embarrassment.  Maybe you’re worried that you will foolish because you’re not an expert.  However, everyone starts at zero.  Some people may have an advantage based off how their bodies were built, past conditioning, knowledge, or knowhow.  Yet, you have the ability to master a skill too.  It may just take more time, effort, and practice.  But, that’s okay.  If you’re dedicated enough and want to succeed, you will find a way to make it happen.  Your determination will help you get through anything.  It really doesn’t matter how you look while you’re taking action.  At least you’re in it and determined to give it a shot to go after your goals in life.  It’s when you give into the voices that tell you all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t, that you give up and never take action.


Take Action

Success happens when you take real action.  Stop waiting for the perfect time or the perfectly mapped out plan to achieve your goal.  Get yourself into action now.  Life isn’t always going to go the way you had hoped or planned.  That’s why staying in the preparation phase does you no good.  You’ll prepare to take action, only to realize that the situation has changed.  You must create your plan and take immediate action.  Don’t sit on it and wait for your goals to pass you by.  You can always change directions but you’ll only gather that information when you take action.  Each time you take an action step, you’re gaining feedback on what you can improve upon for next time.  Gather the information you need to achieve your goals by taking action.



Preparing to take action will only get you so far.  You must take the actual action steps to achieve your goals and make progress in life.  It’s the act of doing that creates results.  Stop waiting and preparing yourself to take action.  Take action now!  Each action you take is getting you closer to achieving success.  With each step, you’re getting feedback on how to take better action in the future so that you can achieve your goals faster.  Preparing to take action can’t do that.  You learn through experience, the doing, and the actual action taking.  That’s why you must stop preparing and just get yourself into action to achieve your goals in life.


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