Overcome Negative Self Talk With Song

Jan 09, 2020

The words you speak to yourself are incredibly powerful.  If you were to stop and listen to words that you’re telling yourself, what would you hear?  You may be surprised to hear a lot of negative self talk.


You are your own worst critic.  The negative self talk you speak about yourself is awful and it happens every day.  But, you would never let someone else talk to you like that.  Furthermore, you would never speak those negative words about someone else.  Yet, the negative self talk you tell yourself is somehow acceptable.  This negative self talk can keep you stuck from going after your goals and what you want in life.  It’s time to change that.


In order to stop the negative self talk you need to change how you speak to yourself.  One simple way is to choose an inspiring song.  This will be your go to song that will empower you, motivate you, bring you more positivity, and keep you pushing forward toward working on your goals.



Songs can empower you like this girl is on fire!  Maybe you have been struggling with a tough decision so you sing I can see clearly now.  Perhaps, you’re working your way through a difficult time and sing I will survive or I’m a survivor.  Think of a song that will empower you.



One of the most popular songs lately is let it go.  In life there are many moments when you just need to simply let it go.  Let go of your problems, the low self esteem, and all the negative energy.  You don’t have time for these things.  Instead, make room for more positivity in your life with an uplifting song.



Sing lyrics that depict the mood you want to have.  Such as, it’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, I’m feeling good!  Perhaps, you choose the lyrics I’m having the time of my life.  When you’re feeling down a song can give you an extra boost of confidence.  Whatever your mood needs, sing a song that emotes that feeling.  And if you’re really creative, you can write your own song.  Think about the mood you’d like to bring more of into your life and use that as inspiration to write your own lyrics.



Listen to the words that you’re telling yourself.  If you have been hearing a lot of negative self talk lately then choose to sing a different song.  When you do this, you’re choosing to live a different life.  You’re choosing a life of happiness, joy, and positivity.  You can always use more of these things in your life.


There are so many great songs out there to choose from.  When you’re struggling with negative self talk you need a song that will motivate and inspire you to think differently.  Pick a song that will not only empower you, but also give you positivity when you need it the most.  Your song will help you set the mood.  Remember, your mind believes what it tells you.  So, stop with the negative self talk and sing better song lyrics!


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