Looking Towards The Future

Jul 27, 2023

Living in the past keeps you focused on looking backwards.  You think about how things were and what happened.  You dwell on certain situations and all the possible scenarios if things would have gone differently.  Perhaps you’d be somewhere else today.  But, you can’t change the past.  You’re here now in the present and you have to learn to look towards the future.  Otherwise, you’ll just remain stuck and never be able to live life to your full potential.


Your Focus

What you focus on becomes your reality.  Maybe you’re focusing on the past because you liked where you were.  Things seemed easier, peaceful, and a less stressful time.  You may not have recognized it in that moment but, looking back, you sure appreciated where you were.  Take those good moments and carry each one forward with you into the future.  Those memories are precious and shouldn’t be forgotten.  It’s helped you to get you to where you are and make you who you are today.  But, you have to focus on looking towards the future in order to move forward in life.


Reconnect To Your Dreams

You might be thinking how can you move forward at a time like this.  You’re feeling lost, confused, and unhappy as you go through the motions of your daily mundane routine.  It’s likely that you’ve lost sight of your goals and dreams in life.  Take a moment to reconnect to your goals and dreams.  Find a quiet place where you can close your eyes and let your mind wander into the future.  Visualize your future.  Try journaling and write about what you want to achieve.  Give yourself permission to dream big and jot down anything that comes to mind.  Don’t limit yourself.  If you’re still struggling to connect to a future vision for yourself, go for a walk in nature.  Just be with your thoughts and see what comes up when you think about what you want to accomplish in the future.  Sometimes being with nature can clear your head and allow new thoughts to come through.


Set A Goal

There is so much uncertainty in life that you may be having a difficult time dreaming about the future.  Perhaps looking five or ten years down the road is too far to see.  It could be a year even seems too far ahead for you wrap your head around.  You’re just trying to get through today.  If that’s the case, then focus on what you want to accomplish today.  Start small and set your first action item for what you want to complete today.  Next, take a look at your week and plan out what you want to make happen.  If you’re brave enough, set yourself a 30 day goal.  That may seem scary but, goals help pull you into the future.  Having a goal is the only way you’re going to make progress in your life.  A goal gives you purpose and helps you start moving in the direction of your future instead of living in your past and floating mindlessly through the present.



Your future is going to happen one way or another.  But, if you take action today towards a goal that you’ve set, you can shift the direction of your future.  You don’t have to be stuck where you are.  Reconnect to your goals and dreams in life.  Create a plan to make it happen.  Stop focusing on the past, live for today, and look to the future.  You’ve got so much more life to live.  Big things are coming for you.  Get ready because more greatness is on its way to you.


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