How To Vibrate At Your Highest Frequency

Jan 24, 2019

Everyone is energy. We all vibrate at a frequency determined by our thoughts and feelings about life.  The frequency you are vibrating at will determine your future. 


There are two frequencies. One is positive, such as, bliss, happiness, joy, and excitement.  The other is negative emotions; doubt, fear, worry, anger and resentment.  When you vibrate at a positive frequency you are aligned with your highest self.  This is when things fall into place and feeling good is easy.


The truth is, you are in control the frequency you are vibrating at.  No one can control how you feel.  But wait, what about that person that made you feel a negative emotion?


For example, someone gets upset with you for apparently cutting in line.  You don’t want any trouble so you let the person go ahead of you. Later you start replaying the encounter and get more frustrated.  Then you notice the person had said “it’s like you don’t even care about me.”  The realization hits you that this is more about them and the story they are tell themselves.  They are looking for more evidence that no one cares about them. This is the frequency they are vibrating from.


Now this can go two ways. You can choose to beat yourself up for feeling bad about feeling negative emotions.  Or you can choose to let go of the negative emotion and come from place of compassion for that person.  This is when you start vibrating on a higher frequency.


Everyone has their own distorted version of reality.  You continue to look for evidence to support the thoughts and beliefs you hold to be true. This is when you absolutely must look for the truth.  Deciding to believe in lack of what you don’t have, is choosing to believe a story that is not true.  It means you’re vibrating at a negative frequency which is out of alignment with your highest self.  Instead, you must come from a place of abundance and vibrate at a higher frequency.


Consciously you must choose to vibrate from a place of positive feelings.  This means taking 100% responsibility for your future.  Not blaming other people or the economy for the state your life is in.  But owning it and knowing that you are the creator of your life.


When you think about people who have it all and life just seems easy for them.  You may think they are lucky but the reality is, they are vibrating at a frequency that is aligned with their highest self.  You must realize that these people are proof that it is possible for you too.  Come from a place of abundance and when you do, you’ll be vibrating at a higher frequency too.


Being intentional about your feelings and thoughts is the only way to create a life of happiness. The universe responds to how you feel and your vibration.

People who achieve greatness in life never say they wish they would have worried more, or doubted themselves, or stayed behind in fear.  Successful people talk about how they believed in themselves.  They did not live their life vibrating at a negative frequency.


Choose to come from a place of positive vibration.  Don’t give away your power by blaming someone else or an outside circumstance.  You are 100% responsible and in control of your thoughts and feelings.  Being conscious and intentional about what vibration you’re coming from will determine the life you live.  A positive vibration means you’re aligned with your highest self.  This is when you are the happiest and life comes easy.


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