How To Take Action In Spite Of Fear

Apr 22, 2021

In order to achieve your goal, you’re going to have to take action.  Each little step you take will move you closer to your goal.  But, often times these steps can be scary because it’s something you’ve never done before.  If you want something different for your life you’re going to have do something different.  That means stepping outside your comfort zone and doing things that are new to you.  Here is how to take action in spite of fear.


Fearful Action

Start by thinking of three actions related to your goal that scare you.  These are most likely the things that you have been avoiding because you’re too afraid.  Now is the time.  Stop letting fear take over and begin taking action.  It is said to feel the fear and do it anyway.  It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and take action on these tasks.  By doing so, you will not only build confidence in yourself, but also your ability to achieve your goal.


Exciting Action

Next, think about the times when you have butterflies in your stomach.  This is usually when you’re nervous, afraid, and going to do something scary.  But, what if these butterflies were just excitement instead?  Think about everything you would do and be able to accomplish if you saw it as exciting.  Shift your mindset to believing these actions are actually exciting rather than fearful and scary.  This will help make it easier to take action rather than being stopped by fear.


Take Action

Now, pick one of your three actions to complete immediately.  The more time you give yourself to think about it, the more likely it is that you’ll talk yourself out of completing the task.  Your brain wants to keep you safe in your comfort zone.  Doing something that your brain deems scary is because it’s outside your comfort zone.  Just because you haven’t done this before, doesn’t mean you should avoid it.  Think of all the things you’ve tried and ended up liking.  You’re preventing yourself from living your best life when you let fear control your actions


Share Your Action

Lastly, share about your action with a friend, family member, social media, or even privately in your journal.  Describe how you felt before, during, and after you took action.  Did you live?  Ask yourself if you’ll do it again.  Sometimes after you do something that’s scary you realize that it was way more fun and exhilarating that you had originally thought.  Your mind goes to the worst case scenario which only perpetuates the fear.  Sharing about your experience will help remind you that trying new things and doing something different isn’t always bad.  Sure, it may always seem scary at first.  But, in the end, you lived and you were able to share about it.  That usually makes for the best stories.  Documenting about your action will give something you can refer back to when you’re struggling to take action through fear in the future.



Start taking action towards your goals by doing the things you’ve been putting off and avoiding because it scares you.  See these actions as exciting rather than fearful.  Each action is a new opportunity to expand your comfort zone.  Plus, each time you take action you’ll build your confidence.  Make sure you share about your action so you have something to reference in the future that will remind you that fear is normal but taking action through the fear is what’s most important.  That is the only way you’re going to achieve your goals so that you can live your dream life.


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